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To request our services, please download our PRINT REQUEST FORM 

Email the completed form to

KDPS Design Brief is for design projects and helps us to understand your project needs.

** For BEST results download the PDF then Edit and Save locally. Not all form fields may be available if opened in web browser**
Please fill out all information about project, funding strip, and delivery address.
You will need to submit any work files with the request.

-If you have files to submit that are too large to email contact

Effective immediately, we will no longer hand deliver hard copy proofs to customers except in special circumstances. If you require a hard copy proof it will be delivered via messenger mail or you can schedule a time to come to KDPS to view their proof.  Written approval for proofs will still be required before we proceed with production. 

When sending your files, please provide the proper file type. Our staff work with the Creative Suite family of software (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.). If you cannot supply the files in the CS formats, please submit PDFs. We cannot accept Publisher files.

 "Self Serve" Business Card

KDPS is now offering a new “self serve” business card option to our customers. We have designed a simple “self serve” business card template of the standard Commonwealth of Kentucky business card. You fill it out, save, submit (along with a completed print request form) and we print, link is provided below. For more information please read and follow the instructions before or while using the “self serve” template.

Sample Card

2021-KDPS-TEAM KY-Int Stand BC Temp Ex-Request Serv webpage.png


How to use the basic standard self serve business card:

Your business card needs approval from one of the following: supervisor, manager, director, etc.
If you are a KYTC employee you must use your P-1 title.
The minimum order of business cards is 500


If you find that your information does not fit into the self serve template,
you will need to stop and submit your request as you would normally.
  • Highlight the category (for example “Name”) and then proceed to type your name the way you want it to appear on the card. Your name will replace the category “Name”.
  • Continue this same procedure throughout the card in the different category options.
  • Lines 1-4 on the left are typically used for Department/Office name, Address Line, City-State-Zip, and web address.
  • Lines 1-4 on the right are typically used for Office Phone, 1-800/Cell number, Fax, and email address.
  • For Lines 1-4 on either side you should put the information that best suits your needs--

After plugging in your information you will need to do a “Save As” and name the file.
The file name should be last name first and then the first name, for example: smith, john.pdf
Open your saved pdf to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to print because the self serve
business card eliminates the proofing step.
You will now need to complete and submit a print request which can be found at under the heading “Request Service”.

*Please make sure that all of the information on the print request form pertains only to this order.
You will need to submit your completed print request and the saved business card pdf as 2 attachments
After submitting your print request and business card they will be numbered and placed into our system
and will travel straight to production.
For any questions you may have please submit them to
Tip-Save the print request and self serve business card template to your desktop for easier
and quicker access.
200 Mero StreetFrankfortKY40601KY8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST, M-F(502) 564-3880 KYTCPrint.Inquiries@ky.gov,+Frankfort,+Franklin,+Kentucky+40601&gl=us&sqi=2&z=16&iwloc=A

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