Construction Management Scholarship Program

Scholarship application deadline is February 1.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's newest scholorship program for Construction Management is now being offered beginning the fall semester of 2023. There are a limited number of scholarships available for students either attending or planning to attend Northern Kentucky University, Eastern Kentucky Univeristy, Western Kentucky University, Morehead State University, or Murray State University.

The Civil Engineering Scholarship can be worth over $59,000! Some of the benefits during and after completion of the Scholarship Program are:

4-year scholarship
$7,200/semester for freshmen and sophomores
$7,600/semester for juniors and seniors
Job placement after graduation
A potentially rewarding and lucrative career
Deadline to apply for this scholarship is February 1.

Scholarship Qualifications
All scholarship recipients must be graduates of an accredited Kentucky high school, or high school graduates who are residents of Kentucky, and must meet the admission requirements of the university and its respective construction management department.
Method of Selection
Selections will be made on a statewide competitive basis according to the following criteria:
¨       Scholastic standing
¨       Recommendations
¨       Input from the universities, KYTC staff and management
¨       American College Test (ACT) score (for freshmen only)
Note: A minimum composite ACT score of 24 is required. 
The selection process is multi-tiered:
Tier 1 is a review of all applications and supporting materials to determine eligibility.
Tier 2 is a review of all applications by scholarship committees at the universities to recommend their top choices.  Each university will recommend its top selections from those that have applied specifically to their school, and the scholarship will be available only at the university where the applicant was selected. 
Tier 3 is KYTC-conducted interviews with applicants that were recommended by the university scholarship committees.
Tier 4 is the final selections by the KYTC Scholarship Selection Committee based on projected statewide employment needs and the overall assessments of all applicants.  The committee makes recommendations to the State Highway Engineer/Cabinet Secretary.  Background checks are completed.
Tier 5 is the approval of the selections by the State Highway Engineer/Cabinet Secretary. 
Tier 6 is the offers of the scholarship to the approved applicants.  All applicants are notified of their status by mail, email, or phone before May 1.
Agreement with the Transportation Cabinet
The scholarship student must agree by contract, with the approval of parent or guardian when the applicant is under eighteen years of age, to work full time for the Transportation Cabinet immediately after graduation. One year of employment is required for each school year on scholarship. Location of employment will be based on the needs of the Cabinet. Consideration will be given to the student's work location preferences. Work location is not guaranteed and is based on the statwide needs of the Cabinet. The Cabinet may provide summer employment for scholarship students if they make reasonable progress in their academic work and prove satisfactory in previous summer employment with the Cabinet.
Conditions of Scholarship
Students awarded scholarships are expected to make normal progress toward a degree. A student who fails to make normal progress toward a degree, does not maintain satisfactory academic standards, or does not perform satisfactorily in their summer work assignment may be dropped from the scholarship program but may reapply when deficiencies are corrected. Upon meeting the above conditions, the scholarship is automatically renewed each year for students who achieve at least a 2.500 GPA, either semester or cumulative, on a 4.000 scale and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours a semester and at least 30 credit hours a year. Grade point averages are cumulative for all credit hours attempted and applicable to the universities' respective civil engineering degrees. Transcripts are to be submitted to the Cabinet at the end of each semester.

Scholarship students will receive a stipend each semester while in school. Freshmen and sophomores will receive a gross amount of $7,200 each semester, and juniors and seniors will receive a gross amount of $7,600 each semester. Stipend payments are made directly to the students. Students are then responsible for paying their fees at the university. Stipends are issued around February 1 and October 1 each year.  The summer employment salary will be commensurate with employees who have similar qualifications and experience.  Both summer salaries and stipends are considered wages and are subject to normal payroll deductions.
Application for a Transportation Scholarship
Deadline to apply for this scholarship is February 1. 
For any questions regarding the program or the application, contact the Scholarship Program Coordinator, State Highway Engineer's Office, at 502-564-3730.   
The Transportation Cabinet agrees to aid the scholarship student with their academic training for the following amount of time which is based on the student's status when they enter the program:
Freshman8 checks within 4 years
Sophomore6 checks within 3 years
Junior4 checks within 2 years
Senior2 checks within 1 year
Summer Employment
The Transportation Cabinet may provide summer employment at the following rates to scholarship students as long as they make reasonable progress in their academic work and prove satisfactory in their job performance. 
​University Credit Hours EarnedHourly Salary Rate​

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