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​​​The Project Development team is responsible for projects in the developmental phase prior to construction. This includes planning studies, bridge and highway design, environmental components, consultant prequalification and selection, right-of-way acquisition, and utility relocation. 

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Staff may be reached on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



The mission of planning is to provide a transportation vision and plan that will strategize ways to improve sustainability and promote livability for the citizens using our transportation system. Our office works together with local governments, economic development, area development districts, and KIPDA so we can be better informed of the areas in our region that will experience growth, education, and healthcare. We collect traffic volumes and the percentage of trucks on our roadways in our transportation system, which bases the federal transportation funding allocation to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.​ 


The highway design department is responsible for the required design activities for KYTC's Six-Year Highway Plan projects.  This responsibility includes conducting the studies, computations, and analyses necessary to support the preparation, assembly, and reproduction of the construction plans for a project's award.


The right-of-way department is there to give you answers and work with you on acquiring the land needed for projects.  ​As a concerned property owner, you will want to know the answers to: Why here? Why my property? This department will help you navigate the land acquisition process.​


The Environmental Coordinator (EC) is responsible for providing environmental guidance to District personnel, contractors, and the public concerning KYTC projects and activities. This includes the preparation and review of environmental documents required by state and federal environmental laws. The EC works closely with planning, design, construction, and maintenance staff to ensure potential impacts to the social, economic, or physical environment are identified, evaluated, and minimized based on environmental policies.​


The Utilities department is responsible for coordinating efforts between KYTC and the utility companies.  They will help to determine if any utilities might be impacted by roadway projects and make sure they are relocated prior to the project's advancement to our Project Development & Preservation Branch.​

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