Science Hill Railroad Crossing Study


The purpose of this project is to improve safety,cross‐railroad mobility, and reliability for motorists—especially emergency responders—in Science Hill, as the railroad tracks form a barrier between the eastern and western portions of town.​

Needs are based on:

• Approximately 60 trains per day use route, blocking local at‐grade crossings for up to 12 minutes at a time

• Delays impact emergency responders, school buses, other motorists

• Available detours increase travel times and distances

This study identifies costs and impacts associated with four alternatives that provide an east – west connection unimpeded by the railroad. KYTC‘s FY 2018–FY 2024 Highway Plan identifies Federal Railroad Separation Protection Program (RRS) funds for design work. A condition to using RRS funds is that at least one at‐grade rail crossing must be eliminated. Future right‐of‐way, utility, and construction phases are not funded within the current Highway Plan. The project team has reviewed existing roadway and rail characteristics, traffic patterns, crashes, environmental features, and other information to assist in developing the alternatives presented. In October 2018, a meeting was conducted with local officials to identify their concerns. Considering this background information, the project team has developed a series of potential improvement concepts.​

​​​​Science Hill Map.JPG

Within the North, Middle and South concepts, four build alternatives (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) and a Molen Street connector (light orange). The below drawing shows the alternatives with a table of information comparing each alternative.​

Science Hill RR Pic Chart 2.jpg

Science Hill Railroad Crossing Study Informational Handout

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