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 Things to Remember...

  • All subcontract requests, with the exception of DBE requests, will be sent from the Prime Contractor directly to the Central Office, Division of Construction. Contractor should insure the subcontractor is pre-qualified by KYTC to perform work subcontracted and has current liability insurance in force before subcontractor begins work on project. A complete submission includes a Subcontract Request, and a notarized Affidavit.  Both can be found below in the 'Downloads' section.
  • The Prime Contractor must perform, with his own organization, work amounting to no less than 30 percent of the total contract cost.
  • The first tier subcontractor may further subcontract a portion of his work not to exceed 50 percent of the work originally subcontracted to him. (Refer to second-tier subcontracts)
  • Second tier subcontract requests are submitted to the Prime Contractor with a letter of request from the Subcontractor.  If the second tier subcontract is acceptable to the Prime, they will forward a copy of the letter of request along with a completed Subcontract Request form including the appropriate items of work.  The Subcontract Request must be signed by the Prime Contractor as confirmation of acceptance of the second tier subcontractor.
  • Any items of work that are added through contract modification, or change order, that will be completed through a subcontractor will require submission of form Subcontract Request for Supplemental Change Order Items (available below in the 'Downloads' section).  This will permit tracking of those work items and specific reference to the appropriate change order.


TC 63-35.xls  (subcontract form)
TC 63-35co (change order subcontract form)
Affidavit Form Updated August 2020.pdf(Affidavit form)

Please complete and return a new company affidavit yearly to



Affidavits.xls (Updated September 21, 2020) 

​E-mail subcontract Request  (non DBE)


DBE Plan - Subcontract Request (Form TC 14-35).xlsx


Const. Guidance Manual, 304-1 thru 304-3
SE Guidance Manual, Section 2
CM 09-07 Rev, Affidavit Requirement Revised
CM 07-02, Subcontract Request Requirements​
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