Applying for Prequalification.pdfApplying for Prequalification
Certificate of Eligibility for Unlimited Bid Capacity.pdfCertificate of Eligibility for Unlimited Bid Capacity
Change in Renewal Notifications.pdfChange in Renewal Notifications
Important General Guidelines.pdfImportant General Guidelines
Instructions for E-Form Library.pdfInstructions for E-Form Library
Kentucky Revised Statutes.pdfKentucky Revised Statutes
Prequalified Contractor List.pdfPrequalified Contractor List
Project Archives.xlsxProject Archives
Requesting Additional Work Items.pdfRequesting Additional Work Items
Revised Application for Certificate of Eligibility.pdfRevised Application for Certificate of Eligibility
Rules and Regulation for Prequalifications of Contractors.pdfRules and Regulation for Prequalifications of Contractors
Work Item  List.pdfWork Item List
Work Item C1 and C2-Asphalt Paving.pdfWork Item C1 and C2-Asphalt Paving
Work Item G1-Lighting Airport.pdfWork Item G1-Lighting Airport
Work Item G-Lighting and I30-Traffic Signals.pdfWork Item G-Lighting and I30-Traffic Signals
Work Item Incidental List.pdfWork Item Incidental List
Work Item J87-Video and Laser Pipeline Inspection.pdfWork Item J87-Video and Laser Pipeline Inspection
Work Item J89-Marine Drilled Shafts.pdfWork Item J89-Marine Drilled Shafts
Work Item J91-Airfield Striping.pdfWork Item J91-Airfield Striping
Work Item J92-Rock Tunnel Rehabilitation.pdfWork Item J92-Rock Tunnel Rehabilitation
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