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Wage Determinations
Notice to Contractor.pdfNotice to Contractor
Notice to Contractor Part II.pdfNotice to Contractor Part II
Qualifications for Bidder.pdfQualifications for Bidder
Bid Item Quantity Index.pdfBid Item Quantity Index
Material Listing.xlsxMaterial Listing
Bidder Registration.pdfBidder Registration
Eligible Bidders List.pdfEligible Bidders List
Unit Bid Tabulations.pdfUnit Bid Tabulations
200 Mero StreetFrankfortKY40622KY8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST, M-F(502) 564-3500(502),+Frankfort,+Franklin,+Kentucky+40601&gl=us&sqi=2&z=16&iwloc=A
12/7/2018326-FLOYD-18-2386 WITHDRAWN.pdf326-FLOYD-18-2386 WITHDRAWN
12/6/2018103-SCOTT-18-1239 Addendum 2.pdf103-SCOTT-18-1239 Addendum 2
12/5/2018323-BARREN-18-2409 Addendum 2.pdf323-BARREN-18-2409 Addendum 2
12/5/2018324-BARREN-18-2410 Addendum 2.pdf324-BARREN-18-2410 Addendum 2
12/5/2018331-WHITLEY-18-2402 Addendum 2.pdf331-WHITLEY-18-2402 Addendum 2
12/4/2018100-MCCRACKEN-18-1049 Addendum 1.pdf100-MCCRACKEN-18-1049 Addendum 1
12/4/2018309-OHIO-18-5017 Addendum 1.pdf309-OHIO-18-5017 Addendum 1
12/3/2018330-KNOX-18-2400 Addendum 1.pdf330-KNOX-18-2400 Addendum 1
12/3/2018331-WHITLEY-18-2402 Addendum 1.pdf331-WHITLEY-18-2402 Addendum 1
11/30/2018103-SCOTT-18-1239 Addendum 1.pdf103-SCOTT-18-1239 Addendum 1
11/29/2018308-NICHOLAS-18-5014 Addendum 1.pdf308-NICHOLAS-18-5014 Addendum 1
11/29/2018323-BARREN-18-2409 Addendum 1.pdf323-BARREN-18-2409 Addendum 1
11/29/2018324-BARREN-18-2410 Addendum 1.pdf324-BARREN-18-2410 Addendum 1
11/28/2018302-ESTILL-18-5016 Addendum 1.pdf302-ESTILL-18-5016 Addendum 1
11/28/2018303-FLEMING-18-5013 Addendum 1.pdf303-FLEMING-18-5013 Addendum 1
11/28/2018310-WASHINGTON-18-5018 Addendum 1.pdf310-WASHINGTON-18-5018 Addendum 1
11/27/2018328-HARDIN-18-2401 Addendum 1.pdf328-HARDIN-18-2401 Addendum 1
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