Carpooling,Vanpooling, and Slugging

Sharing a ride by carpooling or vanpooling is an excellent way to help reduce traffic and save money at the same time. Many major metropolitan areas have dedicated lanes for high occupancy vehicles (HOV). The advantage given to high occupancy vehicles has spawned a type of ridesharing among strangers called slugging.


Lexington Area
Lextran vanpool/carpool program is operated by Enterprise Rideshare.  Are you a commuter interested in finding an alternative mode of transportation to and from work in the Lexington, KY area? The program will match you with other potential interested riders or you may be able to create a vanpool through Enterprise Rideshare. For information, please call (859-255-7756) or visit their website for further details.
Ride-Sharing Program

Louisville Area
Every Commute Counts is the community ridesharing program. We're here to make Kentuckiana a better place to live by easing traffic congestion and reducing pollution. As the local ridesharing program, Every Commute Counts helps to organize car and vanpools which minimize the number of vehicles on our already overcrowded highways.
Every Commute Counts

Northern Kentucky Area
RideShare is a free program to help you find a better way to commute to and from work. We have a database of approximately 800 commuters who, like you, are looking for carpool and vanpool partners. You can register online to see if anyone who lives and works near you would like to rideshare.
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