Additional Pending Projects

District 4 - Sorted By Route


 US 62 Grayson County (Clarkson)

     US 62 Public Meeting Handout.pdf

     US 62 Map View Of Project.pdf  (Large Image File)

     US 62 Right of Way Information Meeting Presentation.ppsx  (PowerPoint File)


US 68 Greensburg Connector

     US 68 Mailer/Handout, June of 2016 - Greensburg Connector.pdf

     US 68 North Section Display - Preferred Alternate.pdf

     US 68 South Section Display - Preferred Alternate.pdf

     US 68 Vaughn Curve Display.pdf

     US 68 Previous Materials Released, November of 2015 Public  (Large Zip File)

KY 79 Meade County

From the June 23rd meeting at Meade County Fairgrounds

KY 79 Right Of Way Aerial View - June of 2022.pdf

(Documents posted below are from prior public meetings and for reference only. These links are not from the June 23rd right of way meeting.)

     KY 79 Right Of Way Meeting Handout, June of 2015.pdf

     KY 79 Right Of Way Displays, June of  (Large Zip File)

     KY 79 Previous Meeting Materials, November of  (Large Zip File)

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