The purpose of the KY 53 Widening Project is to promote better connectivity, improve safety, and reduce congestion on KY 53 between I-64 and US 60. This project would provide an improved connection between I-64 and Shelbyville’s downtown and east end.

Two lanes of traffic will remain open to motorists throughout the project duration. The project's estimated completion is late Fall 2022.

There are currently two routes that connect Shelbyville directly to I-64 – KY 55 at I-64 exit 32 and KY 53 at I-64 exit 35. KY 55 is currently a four-lane facility carrying approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. KY 53 remains a two-lane facility and carries over 18,000 vehicles per day. The route currently suffers from recurring congestion during the peak hours of travel, and this level of congestion is expected to worsen in the future. Traffic forecasts developed for the project suggest 2030 traffic volumes will exceed 30,000 vehicles per day. This volume of traffic will require four lanes.

KY 53 Widening 2.png

KY 53 Widening 1.png

Typical Representation of Final Constructed product:

KY 53 Widening.png