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New I-71 Interchange in Oldham County


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is in the design phase of a project to construct a new interchange on Interstate 71 in Oldham County at mile point 20.6. The new interchange would be located between KY 393 and KY 53. The existing interchanges, especially KY 53, are congested during peak commuter periods, experiencing ramp backups and above average crash rates.




Preliminary design efforts and environmental studies are underway and should be completed during Summer 2019. These will help KYTC define the costs and impacts associated with the proposed interchange to support the decision‑making process.

A public meeting was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 to present proposed alternatives to area residents & motorists and obtain their feedback. The meeting was held at the John W. Black Community Center, 1551 North Highway 393, LaGrange, KY 40031. Approximately 120 people attended the meeting.

A written description of each alternative is listed below followed by a link to a map for that alternative. The map files are large and may take a few minutes to load.

Alternatives Considered

No Build

No new interchange would be built.

 Alternative 1 – Standard Diamond

Per "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways", the simplest and perhaps the most common interchange configuration is the diamond.  One advantage is that all traffic can enter and leave I-71 at relatively high speeds.  Alternative 1 may require that Commerce Parkway be realigned to meet FHWA access spacing requirements.  New Moody Lane would be relocated for this alternative.

Alternative 1 - Standard Diamond.pdf

 Alternative 2 – Partial Cloverleaf

With lower speeds on ramps, this interchange configuration avoids property impacts to Meadowbrook Estates.  The southbound ramps would connect at existing Commerce Parkway and would create an offset intersection to LaGrange Parkway and Allen Lane.  Access to New Moody Lane would be eliminated in the project vicinity.  Access to properties served by New Moody Lane would be via Eden Parkway (currently being designed) or future Peak Road.

 Alternative 2 - Partial Cloverleaf.pdf

Alternative 3 – Compressed Diamond

This interchange is much like Alternative 1 except that the ramps are closer to the existing interstate.  Normally retaining walls are required between the ramp and interstate (preliminary design indicates walls are not needed).  Unlike Alternative 1, Commerce Parkway would not be realigned; however, New Moody Lane would be shifted south.

 Alternative 3 - Compressed Diamond.pdf

Alternative 4 – Hybrid Configuration

This interchange combines the northbound ramps from Alternative 2 with the southbound ramps from Alternative 3. It avoids property impacts within the Meadowbrook Estates subdivision and would not realign Commerce Parkway. New Moody Lane access would be eliminated with this Alternative, shifting that traffic to future connections along Eden Parkway or Peak Road.

 Alternative 4 - Hybrid Configuration.pdf


April 2019

The project team for the new I-71 interchange in Oldham County (Item # 5-483.30) met earlier this month to review input from the public meeting as well as safety and operational data for the four alternates. The team is recommending Alternate 4 as the design for the new interchange at I-71 and LaGrange Parkway. This alternate was chosen because it does not have any direct impacts to the adjacent subdivision, it has the lowest overall total cost and provides improvements to safety and the traffic operations in this area.


KYTC will include this recommendation in their submittal of the Interchange Justification Study (IJS) to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Once approval has been received from FHWA, then KYTC can proceed with final design of this project.


 Project Schedule

The tentative schedule for the I-71 interchange project is as follows:

Environmental ApprovalJune 2019
Right-of-Way AcquisitionJuly 2019—March 2020
Utility RelocationsMarch 2020—June 2020
Construction LettingJune 2020

 For any questions, please contact our KYTC District 5 project manager, Chuck Berger, at 502-210-5400 or at .


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