Oldham County: I-71 New Interchange at Milepoint 20.6 (Project 05-483.30)


The purpose of the project is to improve connectivity, alleviating existing and future congestion in the LaGrange/Oldham County area by providing an alternative route to KY 53 and KY 393, to reduce travel times and overall delay, improve safety by reducing exposure on identified high crash segments, reduce emergency response times, and provide an “outlet” when I-71 is shutdown during an incident.

The proposed project is constructing a new interchange at mile point 20.6 on I-71 in Oldham County.  A bridge was constructed in 2016 connecting Commerce Parkway with New Moody Lane at this location.  Subsequently, the LaGrange Parkway was constructed from the south end of the bridge to KY 53.  The proposed interchange will be fully directional sitting between the existing interchanges of KY 393 (Exit 18) and KY 53 (Exit 22).  The project will connect I-71, a National Freight Network Highway, to public roads in the area, namely Allen Lane and Commerce Parkway to the north along with New Moody Lane and LaGrange Parkway to the south.  The existing I-71 overpass is five lanes wide with a shared used path on both sides. 
• Provide improved access to Oldham Reserve – a development to the southeast bounded by KY 53 and LaGrange Parkway. 
• Reduce congestion at the KY 53 interchange and on KY 53 for traffic going to Oldham Reserve, a hospital and businesses. 
• Reduce northbound, AM queuing onto I-71 at the off ramp to KY 53.

Public Meeting Held: March 27th, 2019 

Anticipated Project Letting: June 2022

 For any questions, please contact our KYTC District 5 project manager, Chuck Berger, at 502-764-0488 or at chuck.berger@ky.gov .

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