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I-71 Widening From KY 329 to KY393

I-71 Widening from KY 329 (MP 14.1) to KY 393 (MP18.0) Item No. 5-0483.10.png
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is in the design phase of a project to widen I-71 between KY 329 (MP 14.1) and KY 393 (MP 18.0).  The purpose of the I-71 widening and reconstruction is to address the capacity deficiencies and operational issues that currently characterize the existing corridor and provide increased efficiency and safety for the traveling public. It will serve through traffic on I-71, as well as local users traveling to and from the Louisville Metro and Crestwood/Buckner areas.

This portion of I-71 is classified as an Urban Interstate.  This project is identified in the 2020 Kentucky Highway Plan as Item No. 5-0483.10, Widen I-71 from four to six lanes from KY 329 (MP14.1) to KY 393 (MP 18.0).  The proposed project will address increasing traffic volumes and traffic flow characteristics, thus improving overall corridor performance.  Additionally, maintenance activities will be needed within the foreseeable future, regardless of the transportation demands.

This segment of I-71 was originally constructed during the late 1960s.  The original design speed was 70 mph, and is a fully controlled access facility.  This segment was originally constructed with 6” Dense Graded Aggregate (DGA) and 10” Concrete pavement including a sand pavement drain system.  The pavement has since been overlaid with asphalt.  This segment of I-71 begins with a bifurcated template then transitions to a common median just north of the KY 329 Interchange, then ends in a bifurcated template near MP 18.0.    

The original typical section includes: 
  • Bifurcated: 4 – 12’ driving lanes, 6’ (3’ Paved) inside shoulders, 12’ (10’ Paved) outside shoulders. Both inside and outside ditches are a minimum of 11’ wide with 4:1 side slopes. 
  • Common Median: 4 – 12’ driving lanes, 6’ (3’ Paved) inside shoulders, 12’ (10’ Paved) outside shoulders. The common median is 60’ in width with 6:1 side slopes.  The outside ditches are a minimum of 11’ wide with 4:1 side slopes. 

I-71 is a National Highway System (NHS) route, it is included with the state primary system, National Truck Route and Kentucky Highway Freight Network.  I-71 and all major crossroads include AAA truck weight limits or 80,000 lbs. 
  • I-71 
    • Functional Class – Urban Interstate 
    • Posted Speed Limit – 70 mph
  • KY 329 
    • Functional Class – Rural Major Collector north of I-71 / Urban Minor Arterial South of I-71 
    • Posted Speed Limit – 45 mph
  • KY 146 
    • Functional Class – Urban Minor Arterial
    • Posted Speed Limit – 45 to 55 mph 
  • KY 393 
    • Functional Class – Urban Minor Arterial 
    • Posted Speed Limit – 55 mph 

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Have additional questions? Please contact the project managers: 
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