KY 90 Widening - Pulaski County


​​KY 90 Project Map 2023 2.pngProject Description
  • The proposed project involves the improvement of KY 90 in Pulaski County from the Wayne County line to a previously improved segment just west of the New Cumberland River Bridge at KY 790.
  • KY 90 is classified as a Rural Minor Arterial from the Wayne County line to Jacksboro Road and an Urban Minor Arterial from Jacksboro to the project end at the New Cumberland River Bridge. Arterials usually provide high speed county and statewide travel. This route serves Somerset, Monticello, and the surrounding area as a major mobility corridor accessing these communities and Lake Cumberland.
  • This segment of KY 90 has experienced significant development over the years. The corridor still accommodates high speed travel, but it is not limited in property (primarily business) access. More than 90 access points exist along the 3-mile project corridor. The result is densely packed groups of entrances that create difficult and often dangerous traffic conflicts. 

​Purpose & Need

Project Purpose

  To reduce congestion and improve safety, capacity, and mobility.

Project Need

  The existing roadway has a high number of access points and intersections on a high-speed facility. 

  This results in higher-than-expected crash rates and lower Levels of Service.​

​​KY 90 Project 2023 Alternates.png

Alternate 1: 3-lane highway with shoulders and a Two-Way Left Turn Lane (TWLTL).
Alternate 2: 4-lane highway with shoulders and a TWLTL.
Alternate 3: Combination 4-lane and 3-lane highway with shoulders and a TWLTL.
        Note:  All alternates will have curb and gutter between Jacksboro Road and Tucker Road.

No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
Mainline Length2.23 miles2.70 miles2.37 miles
Parcels Affected859788
Right of Way Needed1.54 Acres1.97 Acres1.78 Acres
Potential Structures Affected444
(cubic yards)
Waste material
(cubic yards)
CONSTRUCTION COST$14.4 million$18.2 million$15.2 million​

KY 90 Project 2023 Alternates Typical Display.png

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