Congestion Management System

​Congestion Management System (CMS) is a systematic process:
  • for defining what levels of congestion are acceptable to the community; 
  • developing performance measures for congestion; 
  • identifying alternative solutions to manage congestion; 
  • prioritizing funding for those strategies and 
  • assessing the effectiveness of those actions. 
​Congestion Management Systems are a required component of the metropolitan planning process in urbanized areas over 200,000 in population.

 Kentucky CMS Information​

Northern KY/Cincinnati Area OKI
This report documents the methodology and results of the second 3-year cycle of travel-time information for the OKI region's Congestion Management Network, as well as forecasted congestion levels for 2030. Congestion mitigation strategies for selected congested locations are evaluated.
Northern KY/Cincinnati Area OKI

Lexington Area
Traffic congestion is an everyday fact of life, and it’s getting worse every day. A Congestion Management Process (CMP) – formerly known as a Congestion Management System (CMS) is a required process for Transportation Management Areas (TMAs). The TMA is defined as an urbanized area with a population over 200,000 (as determined by the latest decennial census).
Lexington Area

Louisville Area
As an overview, it is intended to provide a basic understanding of the relationship between congestion and the urban transportation planning process carried out by the Metropolitan Planning Organization. The document has been organized according to Congestion Management Process (CMP_ guidance provided by the Federal Highway Administration through instructional materials and training courses.
Louisville Area


Congestion Management Systems: A Federal Perspective
"Congestion Management Process - within a metropolitan planning area serving a transportation management area, the transportation planning process under this section shall address congestion management through a process that provides for effective management and operation, based on a cooperatively developed and implemented metropolitan-wide strategy, of new and existing transportation facilities..."
Congestion Management Systems - A Federal Perspective.pdf

The Congestion Management Process (CMP), which has evolved from what was previously known as the Congestion Management System (CMS), is a systematic approach, collaboratively developed and implemented throughout a metropolitan region, that provides for the safe and effective management and operation of new and existing transportation facilities through the use of demand reduction and operational management strategies.
FHWA Congestion Management Process
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