General Information

The Division of Purchases implements programs and practices for the purchase of supplies, equipment, materials, and services to maintain roadways, buildings, right-of-ways, etc., in accordance with KRS 45A and 200 KAR Chapter 5.

The Division:

  • provides guidance, support, and uniformity of the interpretation and administration of laws, regulations, and policy for all Transportation Cabinet buying entities.

  • serves as a liaison between the Transportation Cabinet and other state agencies, cities and local governments, and political subdivisions on numerous purchasing issues.

  • provides guidance to the expansive vendor community regarding commodities, bid specifications, bid solicitations, and use of the state's e-procurement web site.

  • assists in the development of specifications, prepares bid solicitations, and awards contracts for all delegated commodities and services.

  • strives in all practices to obtain the best value for the taxpayer while effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of the Cabinet and serving as an informed liaison to vendors.

The Division of Purchases is composed of two branches:

The Procurement Branch: responsible for procuring commodities and nonprofessional services.

The Contract Oversight Branch: responsible for all memoranda of agreement (MOAs), memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and personal service contracts (PSCs).

 Kentucky Procurement Code

​Statutory authority governing Kentucky procurement and contracting is established by the Kentucky Model Procurement Code, KRS Chapter 45 and 45A, as further implemented by 200 KAR 5 (Purchasing).

The Kentucky Model Procurement Code is located at:

Kentucky Model Procurement Code

The Kentucky Administrative Regulations for Purchasing are located at:

Kentucky Administrative Regulations - Purchasing

The Finance and Administration Cabinet Manual of Policies and Procedures (FAPs) are located at:

 Manual of Policies and Procedures (FAPs)

 Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals

​All Requests for Bids (RFB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) issued by KYTC Division of Purchases (and all other agencies of the Commonwealth) are advertised on the Kentucky Vendor Self Service website:

Kentucky Vendor Self Service Website

Requests for Proposals for Engineering, Design, Planning, and other related services are issued by the Division of Professional Services.  Please visit their website at:

Division of Professional Services

Requests for Bids for construction projects are issued by the Division of Construction Procurement.  Please visit their website at:

Division of Construction Procurement

For more information regarding doing business with the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Doing Business with the Commonwealth of Kentucky

 Commodities and Services

List of Commodities and Services routinely purchased through KYTC Division of Purchases:

Aircraft Oil
Pipe (plastic and metal)
Aluminum Box Culverts
Rapid Hardening
Coarse Aggregates
Hi-Vis Clothing
Rest Area Landscape
Hot/Cold Mix
Retrofit (snow/ice) Trucks
Retroreflective Sheeting
Crash Cushions
In Place Paving
Right of Way Mowing
Janitorial Services
Scrap Metal
JPC Pavement Repair
Signal Maintenance
Dumpster Services
Liquid Asphalt
Small Construction
Electrical Maintenance
Liquid Calcium
Sodium Chloride
Equipment - Purchase
Maintenance Items
Soil Nails
Equipment Rental
Mat & Towel Rental
Traffic Control
Equipment Repair Parts
Motor Oil
Traffic Items
Equipment Repairs
Panel Signs
Tree and Brush Removal
Erosion Control Products
Parking Lot Striping
Vegetation Control
Fertilizer (Bulk and Bagged)
Partial Depth Repair
Waste Oil Removal
Gabion Baskets
Pavement Striping
Waste Tire Removal
Grave Relocation
Pest Control
Wreck Repair
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