External Audit
Primary Contact: Mike Coffey, Audit Manager
The External Audit Branch performs audits of overhead rates, consultant contracts, utility/railroad companies and miscellaneous audits as requested. The audits are performed in accordance with Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards (GAGAS) as well as the AASHTO Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide.
Indirect Cost Rate Submissions
Contact: Carly Cockley, Internal Audit Supervisor
Per 600 KAR 6:040 Section 3 (1) (b), all consultants pre-qualified to perform work for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet must submit an indirect cost rate package to the External Audit Branch within 5 months of the consultant's fiscal year end.  The indirect cost rate package must include:
  1. Schedule of Indirect Costs for the audit period
  2. Schedule of Employees, Pay Rates, and Job Classifications for the current year
  3. Payroll register for the current year
  4. Detailed general ledger for the audit period
  5. Audited financial statements or a financial statement certified as accurate by an officer of the company
  6. Certification of final indirect cost; and
  7. AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire for Consulting Engineers (including attachments)

Circulars and Other News:

Circular 2014-1; Preparing for Government Contracts.pdf

Firms selected for audit 2017.pdf​







Federal Acquisition Regulations

Treasury Rates

AASHTO Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide*

2017 National Compensation Matrix ​

DCAA Job Cost Manual Guidance​

*The link to download/purchase the 2016 Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide is now posted on the AASHTO audit website at http://audit.transportation.org. It is free to download for members, however it is $13.00 for non-members.  ​

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