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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is committed to safety and wants everyone on Kentucky roadways, behind the wheel or a barrel, to return home safely. We all have a vested interest in safe work zones, and by working together, we can prevent work zone crashes, injuries, and fatalities in Kentucky. Be work zone alert by driving without distractions and slowing down.  

 The Hendersons' Story

 Why is Kentucky vested in work zone safety?

In 2019, there were 1,251 construction zone crashes in Kentucky – a 20% rise from the previous year.  The number of fatalities rose from 3 in 2018 to 8 in 2019. Two of the victims were highway workers.

 What is a work zone?

​A work zone is a temporary work site for maintenance or construction along highways, roads, and streets. Work zones do not always have cones, barrels, or barriers. Warning signs, shadow vehicles, or flashing lights indicate operations like mowing, pot hole repair, pavement striping, or snow plowing.

 How does the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet promote work zone safety?

​Always committed to safety, KYTC engages, encourages, and empowers road crew workers to follow work zone safety best practices.

Through initiatives such as Glow Orange, Kentucky (asking Kentucky businesses to pledge to light their facilities orange during National Work Zone Awareness Week), social media sharing of work zone stories, events featuring the National Work Zone Memorial Wall, and participation from industry partners, KYTC raises the driving public's awareness to stay alert in active work zones.

 How can you make work zones safer?

The most common crash in a highway work zone is a rear-end collision. Practicing safe driving behaviors, like driving without distractions and slowing down in work zones, can save a life. Drivers can protect themselves and highway. While driving, don't text, put on makeup, or do anything that can take your eyes off the road. Drivers should also obey the posted speed limits. Speeding puts you at risk for a severe crash, double fines or a penalty of six points on your driver's license.  
Work Zone Safety Fact Sheet
National Work Zone Memorial Webpage
ATSSA 2020 NWZAW Webpage
National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse

 Preston's Story

 Work Zone Stories

​Work Zone Memorial

If you would like to honor the lost of a loved one who passed away in a work zone, please fill out the submission form here. Each applicant must certify that they have permission from the deceased's family or guardian in order to submit.

 Glow Orange, Kentucky!

Glow Orange, Kentucky is an annual initiative of the KYTC to show visible community support for raising work zone awareness by encouraging motorists to drive without distractions and to slow down in work zones.

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