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Weight limit signs on bridges are intended to prevent loads that cause stresses above the safe limit from crossing a bridge or culvert. In Kentucky, emergency vehicles (EVs) are designed to be used under emergency conditions to transport personnel and equipment to suppress fires and mitigate other hazardous situations. Under this provision, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) limit for EVs is 86,000 pounds (1 ton = 2000 pounds).  Emergency Vehicles should check if their vehicle meets weight requirements for local bridges used to provide emergency response services. If the Emergency vehicle exceeds the gross posting, the vehicle is restricted. If the vehicle exceeds any of the listed single axle, tandem axle, or EV gross posting, the vehicle is restricted from utilizing that structure. To find out your EVs weight limits, click Kentucky's Bridge Weight Limits for Emergency Vehicles per the FAST Act and select your county in the top right corner.

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