Project Details
Power Plant Construction Transportation Impact
County: Clark, Estill, Powell
The purpose of this Programming Study was to (a) evaluate the roadway network anticipated to be most affected by the proposed construction of power generating plants at Trapp in southeast Clark County and northwest of Irvine in Estill County; (b) determine possible alternatives to improve safety and traffic flow that can be used for future programming documents; (c) provide data to be used when and if the project enters the design phase; (d) provide background information that can be utilized in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation for the project.


PPCTIS - Main Report - Complete.pdfPPCTIS - Main Report - Complete

 Executive Summary, Final Report

PPCTIS - Executive Summary.pdfPPCTIS - Executive Summary

 Cover, Table of Contents

PPCTIS - Table of Contents.pdfPPCTIS - Table of Contents

 Reports and Studies

PPCTIS - Main Report.pdfPPCTIS - Main Report


PPCTIS - Appendix A.pdfPPCTIS - Appendix A
PPCTIS - Appendix B.pdfPPCTIS - Appendix B
PPCTIS - Appendix C.pdfPPCTIS - Appendix C

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