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CHAF 2020 Improvement Types

The improvement types used in the 2018 version of SHIFT had 22 improvement types available. The updated 2020 version has 32 improvement types.  Please review the SHIFT 2020 Improvement Types PDF and feel free to contact the CHAF coordinator if you have any questions.  The improvement type you select for your project should reflect the bulk of the work being done.  We understand that you may have a large project which may be comprised of several components but in order for your project to be properly scored in SHIFT you must select ONE improvement type that best defines your project scope.  Keep in mind that each improvement type is weighed differently in SHIFT (Safety Benefits, Congestion, Safety, Economic point eligibility, and Asset Management point eligibility).  The estimates you upload in CHAF should reflect a typical scope of work for that improvement type.

SHIFT 2018 Scoring Improvment Types

SHIFT 2020 Scoring Improvement Types

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