Snow and Ice Resources


​Welcome to the resources page for snow and ice. 
We know snow and ice impact road and driving conditions. Take a look at these resources to help you travel safely and to plan your drive during the winter.  

If you must be on the road, use the Four P’s of Safe Winter Driving. 
Prepare your vehicle making sure everything is in working condition. 
Plan your travel by checking weather and road conditions before you leave.
Prevent crashes by learning best practices for safe driving.
Prepare for an emergency while out on the road.

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Share the road 
Share The Road
► Be patient and don’t pass the plow. If it’s safe, the plow will pull over and let you pass.
► Be aware. A snowplow may create snow clouds which cause zero visibility.
► Stay back. Give the plow room to work. It tends to speed up and slow down.

Winter weather alerts
Prepare for cold temperatures
for cold temperatuires

1. Winter Kit stowed in your vehicle
Blankets, snacks, water, phone charger, flares, sand, shovels, etc.
2. Keep fluid levels & gas tank full
3. Clear the ice from the windshield
4. Plan your route  
     Make sure someone knows your plan 
     and arrival time.
5. Check tire pressure & tread

Disabled Vehicle
Tips for Disabled Vehicles

  • Move vehicle off the road and stay inside (If not, stand far away from the vehicle)
  • Use emergency flashers
  • Tie bright colors to the antenna or raise the hood 
  • Keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow
  • Run with windows partially down
  • Use the heater 10 minutes per hour
  • Call police 

Report a hazard
See a road hazard? Report it!
See something. Say something. Let us know if you spot a highway hazard in your area. Call the Highway Hazard Hotline at 
877-FOR-KYTC or (1-877-367-5982) 
with location information. 

Driving in the snow
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Plan Your Travel
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Waze have a partnership through the Waze Connected Citizens Program. Waze is a GPS-based navigation app for smartphones, that provides turn-by-turn information and user-submitted travel times and route details. 

Emergency car kit
MUST-Haves for your car this winter:
• First aid kit
• Extra coat, gloves, and blankets or 
   sleeping bag
• Non-perishable food and water
• Baby formula, diapers, wipes
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Portable phone chargers
• Pet food, water, leash, bowl, & litter
• Medications
• Ice Scraper and Jumper cables
• Shovel and a bag of sand or litter
• Tire chains or snow tires 

A cleaner car is a safer car
Wash and wax
Defends against ice, salt, sand, 
and slush. Make sure to get the underbelly to avoid rust.
Clean windows
Keep your view as clear as possible. 
Keep windshields Clear
- Apply water repellent on the outside of the windshield.
- Use an anti-fog product on the inside of the windshield.
Clean the headlights 
Brighter lights help you see, and be seen, in wet conditions. 
Replace them if they are dim or cloudy.

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