Partnering Conference 2021

General Session Day 1 Welcome: Tim Layson, John Moore, Boday Borres; Project Development Branch Manager Comments: Mike Bezold; Opportunities Ahead-Connected/Automated Vehicles and Kentucky's Transportation System: Shane McKenzie, Jason Siwula; KYTC Performance Management: Trac


History of KYTC 1912-2021Amanda Abner
Consulting Party MeetingsPatty Dunaway, David Waldner
Buck Darter: A Story of Partnership and An Attempt to Do the Right ThingNathan Click, Todd McDaniel
New DEA Environmental Justice ImplementationConnor Oullette
Innovative Intersections Displaced Left TurnsEric Hackworth, Mike Bezold
Location What's Our Role?Patrick Perry, Kevin Sandefur, Amanda Desmond, Tonya Higdon, Karl Sawyer, Randy Turner, Adam Ulrich
Drone Flights in Highway DesignTyler Mills, John Hieronymus, Tracy Wright, Chris James, Justin Riechenbach
OpenRoads Drainage - Where We Are TodayTim Robinson, Jeremy Kubac, Andrea Cull
Brent Spence Bridge FireJason Stith, Josh Rogers
Roebling Bridge RehabilitationCraig Klusman, Nick Rets, Anthony Mette
Lessons Learned from Bridging Kentucky Design Build No. 1Adam Knuckles
Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) Connected Vehicle (CV) TechnologyJoe Carter, Ezekiel Goodwin, Telma Lightfoot, Jarrod Stanley, Ted Swansegar
Efficiency boosters in ORDPatrick Stone, Jason Littleton, Therese Wimsatt
Crash Data Analysis Tool Demo and TrainingPaul Ross, Eric Green
ADA Implementation Plan and Empathic AnalyticsKaren Mohammadi, Nick Allen, Jeff Tornatore, Mike Sewell
Kentucky Statewide Corridor PlanJohnny Han, Ken Kaltenbach, Stephen De Witte
Imagine Nicholasville RoadAnne Warnick, Kenzie Gleason
KYTC Riverport Highway Rail StudyJimmy McDonald, Chandler Duncan, Jeremy Edgeworth
Standards for MicroSimulation ModelsAdam Hedges, Rob Frazier, Scott Thomson
Consultant PortalEric Pelfrey
Public Involvement Post Pandemic: Connecting Virtually and In PersonStephen De Witte, Mindy Peterson, Breanna Angel
Innovative Intersection ProjectsChris Kuntz, Jennifer Hardwick
Kentucky's First R-Cut CorridorBrad Bottoms, Mike Vaughn, David Lindeman
Construction of KYTC HSIP's First Mini-Roundabout- Lessons LearnedJoel Morrill, Jeremy Kubac, Mike Vaughn, Shane Ramey
Harlan County Mini Roundabout & Bridging KY CollaborationJennifer Hardwick, Darrell Smith, Mike Vaughn
Pandemic Lessons Learning and Transitioning Back Roundtable Shannon Dearing, Mark Askin, Derrick Young, Tony Moore, Greg Combs
ROW Jeopardy and Wheel of FortuneKeith McDonald, Rex Alexander
Appraisal Branch- Appraisal ExpectationsEric Monhollon, Joe Justice, Roger Crew
Pardon the Interruption (Audience Roundtable)Shannon Dearing, Charles Hale, James Mason
Demolition 101 Property Management Training 2021Amy Ishmael, Tony Moore
Relocation Cross TrainingChad Curtsinger, Derrick Young, Jennifer Golson, Julia Bogges, Ali Horn
Alternative Uses of KYTC ROW: Clean Energy and ConnectivityDavid Whitworth, Jennifer McCleve
Highway Design and Utility Integration: A UK StudyTim Taylor, Kenny Franklin, Roy Sturgill
KURTS and DocuSign DemosJennifer McCleve, Cherie Peterman
Kentucky American Water: New Projects and Infrastructure EndeavorsKrista Citron, Cole Mitcham, Austin Thore
CSX PresentationTom Creasy, Allen Rust
Statewide Utility Management RoundtableChris Ward, Larry Krueger, Bradley Derickson, Kevin Damron, Ben Fister, Nikki Boden


General Session Day 3Welcome & Comments- Clint Goodin; Kentucky's Highway Safety Improvement Program Preventing Deaths and Injuries through Infrastructure Improvements: Mike Vaughn; The Safe Systems Approach-A Call to Action: Jason Siwula; The Potholes; Transportation Infrast

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