200-BULLITT-HARDIN-23-1319-DRAFT 3_30_23.pdf
3/30/2023 3:39 PMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
ACM Peer Exchange-20230419_150134-Meeting Recording.mp4
4/21/2023 10:26 AMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
Independent Cost Estimator Information Session-20230216_Meeting Recording.mp4
2/16/2023 2:06 PMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
KYTC AD Virtual Industry Event 20221107.mp4
11/9/2022 8:13 AMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
​A virtual industry event was held November 7th, 2022 to discuss the Alternative Delivery Program and the future of Progressive Contracting at KYTC.  A link to the presentation can be found here.
KYTC I-65 Industry Webinar.mp4
5/16/2023 3:54 PMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
KYTC Independent Cost Estimating in Alternative Delivery.pdf
3/6/2023 12:30 PMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)
Powerpoint presentation from the February 16, 2022 Independent Cost Estimator Information Session.
Mountain Parkway Expansion Industry Event Recording - January 23 2023.mp4
1/23/2023 2:09 PMDrury, Erika B (KYTC)