8/5/2021 1:40 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
Civil Labeler and Survey.mp4
12/18/2023 2:43 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Control Monument Data Sheet (1).pdf
7/8/2021 8:31 AMVanatter, Dave D (KYTC)
Control Monument Data Sheet 2021-with meters.docx
8/6/2021 2:11 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
Control Monument Data Sheet 7-8-2021.docx
7/8/2021 3:13 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Converting PD Grapics to SP Graphics-website.pdf
8/18/2021 3:11 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
Converting Project Datum Grapics to State Plane Graphics.pdf
8/23/2022 12:37 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Data Collector Codes ORD August 2023.xls
1/2/2024 1:59 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
exporting survey data from the Trimble TSC7 Controller.pdf
3/30/2022 2:34 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Field Survey Codes version 8-11-2021.xlsx
8/11/2021 11:01 AMSemones, William (KYTC)
How to get a DTM file from ORD to the TSC7 controller.docx
11/23/2021 2:46 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
How to get a ORD Centerline file  to Trimbe RXL file format.docx
11/23/2021 2:53 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
How to Get Started in ORD.docx
8/12/2021 11:42 AMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
How to Import Field Data using a CSV File in ORD.docx
7/8/2021 1:46 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
How to Import Field Data Using a FWD File in ORD.docx
7/8/2021 1:46 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
How to Import Lidar into ORD.docx
8/17/2021 8:04 AMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
8/6/2021 1:55 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
KYTC Data Collector Codes ORD March 2022.csv
11/1/2022 10:35 AMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
KYTC Survey Manual-Chapter 300.pdf
8/6/2021 1:18 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
4/21/2022 10:47 AMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
3/28/2022 9:20 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
ORD Production-Hour-Descriptions.docx
12/14/2022 1:41 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
ORD Production-Hour-Descriptions-2023.docx
10/5/2023 1:23 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
ORD Production-Hour-Worksheet_2022.xlsx
12/14/2022 1:50 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
ORD Production-Hour-Worksheet-2023.xlsx
10/5/2023 1:23 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Property Access Disturbance Letter.docx
3/6/2024 12:47 PMSudduth, John S (KYTC)
Trimble_TSC7_UserGuide_RevC (1).pdf
8/5/2021 3:25 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
Using Project Datum Coordinates in Trimble Survey Controller.pdf
8/5/2021 1:04 PMSemones, William (KYTC)
Where to Place a FXL file on your Trimble Data Collector.pdf
4/21/2022 10:48 AMSudduth, John S (KYTC)