001-KY-0061  -0000.131District 812.3721KY0106FROM METCALFE COUNTY LINE TO KY 55/KY 80AdairState
001-KY-0061  -00012.372District 819.9041KY0106FROM KY 55/KY 439 TO GREEN COUNTY LINEAdairState
002-US-0231  -0000District 38.5692US0102From US 31E to Warren County lineAllenState
002-KY-0252  -0000District 34.9782KY0107From US 31E to Barren County lineAllenState
002-KY-3499  -0000District 31.0032KY0107From KY 98 to Maxwell DrAllenState
002-KY-0098  -0000District 313.5472KY0107From KY 100 to Monroe County lineAllenState
001-KY-2287  -0000.704District 81.8181KY0107FROM KY 80 TO KY 61AdairState
001-KY-0076  -00012.203District 814.4521KY0107From KY 551 to Taylor Co lineAdairState
002-KY-0101  -0000District 313.3472KY0107FROM KY 100 IN SCOTTSVILLE TO WARREN COUNTY LINEAllenState
002-KY-0234  -0000District 36.3812KY0107From KY 101 to Warren County lineAllenState
001-KY-0055X -0000District 83.0251KY0106FROM KY 55 (COLUMBIA BYPASS) TO KY 55 (COLUMBIA BYPASS)AdairState
001-LN-9008  -00036.159District 857.7911LN0102From Metcalfe County line to Russell County lineAdairState
001-KY-0206  -0000District 811.4281KY0107From KY 55 in Columbia to KY 76AdairState
001-KY-0080  -00011.788District 813.0551KY0106From KY 61 (Greensburg Road) via Burkesville Street to KY 55 (Courthouse Square) in ColumbiaAdairState
001-KY-0551  -0000District 811.9411KY0107From KY 55 to KY 76AdairState
002-US-0031E -0000District 38.6072US0102FROM TENNESSEE STATE LINE TO US 231/KY 980AllenState
001-KY-0055  -0000District 89.681KY0107FROM RUSSELL COUNTY LINE TO KY 55X/KY6177AdairState
001-KY-0080  -00013.055District 822.8311KY0107From KY 55 to Russell County lineAdairState
002-KY-0980  -0000District 31.3032KY0107From US 31E to KY 100 in ScottsvilleAllenState
002-KY-0100  -0000District 317.2442KY0107From Simpson County line to KY 1421AllenState
001-KY-0061  -0000District 80.1311KY0106From Cumberland County line to Metcalfe County lineAdairState
001-KY-0055  -0009.68District 821.3051KY0102FROM KY 55X/KY 6177 TO TAYLOR COUNTY LINEAdairState
001-KY-0080  -0000District 811.7881KY0107From Metcalfe County line to KY 61 SouthAdairState
002-US-0031E -0008.607District 319.1892US0106FROM US 231/KY 980 VIA SCOTTSVILLE BYPASS TO BARREN COUNTY LINEAllenState
003-KY-0044  -00012.97District 113.8883KY0117FROM US 127B TO US 127AndersonState
003-KY-0044  -0000District 112.973KY0107FROM SPENCER COUNTY LINE TO US 127BAndersonState
003-BG-9002  -00056.287District 161.9473BG0102From Mercer County line to Woodford County lineAndersonState
003-BG-9002  -00044.807District 152.3153BG0102From Washington County line to Mercer County lineAndersonState
003-US-0062  -00020.785District 122.8633US0107From EUL of Lawrenceburg to Woodford County lineAndersonState
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