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District 6KentonKY 1501 Alternatives Planning Study20086-8307.00
District 6Bracken, Campbell, Mason, PendletonKY 9 Widening Study20029-165.00
District 6BooneKY 17 Intersection Improvement Study20066-206.00
District 6KentonKY 17 Intersection Improvement Study2006
District 6BrackenLong Stretch Road DNA20116-1068.00
District 6Boone, KentonMary Grubbs Highway Extension Scoping Study2006
District 6HarrisonCynthiana SUA2009
District 6GrantUS 25 Alternatives Study20096-112.00
District 6BrackenLong Stretch Road First Look Study20116-1068
District 6BrackenKY 8 - Mary Ingles Highway - Bridge DNA20116‐1074.00
District 6Kenton15th Street Bridge and 11th Street Bridge DNA20116-1075.00, 6-1070.00
District 6Campbell20126‐407.00
District 6CampbellUS 27 DNA Scoping Study20126-189.00, 6-8706.00
District 6HarrisonUS 62 DNA Scoping Study20126‐8707.00
District 6HarrisonUS 27 DNA Scoping Study20126-8708.00
District 6BooneUS 42 Traffic Study2008
District 6CampbellKY 10 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1077.00
District 6CampbellKY 2921 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1078.00
District 6BooneKY 20 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1079.00
District 6PendletonKY 159 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1073.00
District 6KentonKY 2045 DNA Scoping Study20126-1080.00
District 6PendletonKY 330 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1081.00
District 6HarrisonKY 36 DNA Scoping Study20126‐8500.00
District 6OwenKY 22 Programming Study20046-198.00 and 6-8702.00
District 6HarrisonCR 1062 DNA Scoping Study20136-8710.00
District 6BooneMall Road Interchange Modification Report20146-409.00
District 5,6Boone, Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, TrimbleI-71 Corridor Study201499-394.00