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District 10, District 11Jackson, OwsleyKY 30 Scoping Study200410-279.50
District 10, District 11Harlan, Leslie, Letcher, PerryHarlan to Hazard Alternatives Planning Study200411-137.00
District 11ClayUS 421/KY 80 Pre-Design Scoping Study200611-8003.00
District 11LaurelKY 1006 Alternatives Planning Study200811-8304.00
District 11BellMiddlesboro SUA2010
District 11JacksonUS 421 Alternatives Study200511-113.00
District 11LaurelUS 25 DNA Pre-Design Scoping Study201111-0147.00
District 11LaurelUS 25 Scoping Study200611-8201.00
District 11Bell, HarlanUS 119 Corridor Study201011-8511.00
District 8, District 9, District 11, District 12Bell, Boyd, Breathitt, Clark, Clinton, Cumberland, Estill, Floyd, Greenup, Harlan, Knott, Knox, Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Letcher, Lewis, Magoffin, Menifee, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Perry, Pike, Powell, Pulaski, Wayne, WolfeThe Appalachian Development Highway System In Kentucky2010
District 11LeslieUS 421 Bridge DNA201111-1078.00
District 11BellKY 2011 Bridge DNA201111-1079.00
District 11HarlanKY-219 Bridge DNA2011
District 11LeslieUS-421 DNA Land Slide Study201111-5010.00
District 11BellBelt Line Road Extension Programming Study201111-110.00
District 11LaurelLondon SUA2001
District 11HarlanKY 72 DNA Study201211-1087.00
District 11BellCR 1184 DNA Study201211-1093.00
District 11Knox, Laurel, WhitleyCorbin SUA2012
District 11JacksonUS 421 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1090.00
District 11KnoxUS 25E DNA Study201211-188.00
District 11LaurelUS 25E DNA Study201211‐185.00
District 11KnoxKY 223 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-8705.00
District 11ClayCR 1004 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1091.00
District 11ClayCR 1154 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1092.00
District 11WhitleyUS 25W DNA Study201311-186.00
District 11LaurelKY 192 DNA Scoping201311-0187.00
District 11HarlanKY 38 Programming Study2013none
District 11LeslieDNA Study 11-1067.00201311-1067.00
District 11KnoxDNA 11-8712.00 11-8713.00201311-8712.00 & 11-8713.00
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