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District 4NelsonBardstown SUA2008
District 4TaylorCampbellsville SUA2008
District 4Grayson, HartKY 88 Programming Study20044-8101.00
District 4, District 8Adair, Green, Marion, Taylor, WashingtonHeartland Parkway Alternatives Planning Study20054-132.00
District 4GraysonLeitchfield Northwest Bypass Study2004
District 4GraysonUS 62 Programming Study20084-8303.00
District 4Nelson, WashingtonUS 150 DNA20104‐1068.00, 4‐1069.00
District 4GraysonLeitchfield-Clarkson SUA2011
District 4MarionKY 1195 Bridge Replacement DNA20114‐1066.00
District 4HardinKY 251 Scoping Study20124-153.00
District 4NelsonKY 245 DNA Scoping Study20124-8307.10
District 4HardinKY 3005 Extension DNA Scoping Study20124-198.00
District 4BreckinridgeUS 60 DNA Study20124-394.00
District 4MeadeKY 79 DNA Scoping Study2012 4-8705.00
District 4NelsonUS 62 Bridge Replacement over Hinkle Creek DNA Scoping Study20134-1078.00
District 4GreenKY 61 DNA Scoping Study20134-8712.00
District 4MarionKY 49 Planning Study20144-8707.00
District 4HardinKY 1357 DNA Study Elizabethtown20144-8801.00