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District 1GravesKY 121 Programming Study200501-8100.00
District 10, District 11Jackson, OwsleyKY 30 Scoping Study200410-279.50
District 10WolfeKY 715 Alternatives Study201010-8200.00
District 10MagoffinKY 9009 DNA Study201010-140.00
District 10, District 12Floyd, Magoffin, Morgan, WolfeKY 9009/US 460/KY 114 Programming Study2010
District 10, District 11Harlan, Leslie, Letcher, PerryHarlan to Hazard Alternatives Planning Study200411-137.00
District 10MagoffinKY 9009 DNA Study201210-0167.00
District 10MorganUS 460 DNA Study201210-8302
District 10MagoffinKY 2019 DNA Study201210-1098.00
District 10MagoffinKY 2019 DNA Study201210-1099.00
District 10MagoffinKY 30 DNA Study201210-8702.00
District 10PerryKY 1166 DNA Study201210-1101.00
District 10PerryKY 1146 DNA Study201210-1102.00
District 10PerryKY 2021 DNA Study201210-1103.00
District 10BreathittCR 1539 DNA Study201210-1104.00
District 10BreathittCR 1165 DNA Study201210-1105.00
District 10PerryKY 2021 DNA Study201210-1107.00
District 10, District 12MagoffinUS 460 Improvements Scoping Study2012
District 10MorganKY 7 DNA Scoping Study201210-8402.00
District 10PowellKY 213 DNA Scoping Study201310-0163.00
District 9, District 10Elliott, MorganKY 7 DNA Scoping Study20139-0228.00
District 10Breathitt, Perry, WolfeKY 15 from Campton to Hazard - Programming Study2013
District 10MenifeeDNA Study - US 460 Reconstruction/Major Widening201410-8802.00
District 10Breathitt, OwsleyKY 30 Planning Study - KY 11 in Owsley County to KY 15 in Breathitt County2014
District 10MorganDNA Study - KY 2498 Reconstruction201410-8804.00
District 7, District 10Clark, Estill, Madison, PowellI-75 to Mountain Parkway Corridor Study2014