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District 1GravesKY 121 Programming Study200501-8100.00
District 1CallowayMurray Five-Points Intersection2006
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Studies200401-183.00
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Study200401-182.00
District 1, District 2Caldwell, LyonUS 641 Alternatives Study2005
District 1HickmanKY 1826 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201201-1062.00
District 1McCrackenPaducah SUA2002
District 1McCrackenKY 305 DNA Study20121-1141.00
District 1BallardKY 358 DNA Study20121-1143.00
District 1AdairKY 945 DNA Study20121-1146.00
District 1FultonCR 1011 DNA Study20121-1148
District 1CallowayMurray SUA2008
District 1McCrackenUS 62 DNA Study20121-152.00
District 1McCrackenUS 60 Scoping Study 1-12520121-125.00
District 1FultonKY 1909 Little Bayou De Chien Creek Bridge Replacement DNA20131-1144.00
District 1LivingstonKY 866 Gum Creek Bridge Replacement DNA Study20131-1145.00
District 1GravesCR 1384 Rule Shack Road Bridge Replacement DNA Study20131-1147.00
District 1LivingstonUS 60 Bridge Replacement Study20131-1142.00
District 1BallardUS 51 Ohio River Bridge Alternatives Study201401-0100.00
District 1McCrackenKY-1286 / KY-998 Planning Study20141-153.00
District 1McCrackenMega Park Connector Study20141-8702.00