Construction Procurement
Vital information relating to the procurement of highway construction, improvement, and maintenance projects.  Revisions are made frequently.  Please check back periodically for updates. 

***Notice to All State Contractors of Preservation of Records ***

*** Federal Subpoena from U.S. Dept. of Justice.***

6/6/2017Tentative 4 Month Letting Schedule (July 2017 - October 2017).pdfTentative 4 Month Letting Schedule (July 2017 - October 2017)
5/25/2017Requesting Additional Work Items.pdfRequesting Additional Work Items
4/7/2017Notification of Phishing Email Concerning New Policy Directions.pdfNotification of Phishing Email Concerning New Policy Directions
3/2/2017Pike County - Alternative Technical Concept Informational Meeting.pdfPike County - Alternative Technical Concept Informational Meeting
2/24/2017AASHTOWare Project Bids Bidding Software.pdfAASHTOWare Project Bids Bidding Software
2/10/2017Revised Application for Certificate of Eligibility.pdfRevised Application for Certificate of Eligibility
1/19/2017Notification of Phishing Email Concerning Contractor Prequalification.pdfNotification of Phishing Email Concerning Contractor Prequalification
7/7/2016Annual EEO Report Form FHWA-1391.pdfAnnual EEO Report Form FHWA-1391
5/12/2016KY 811 Excavation Location Requests.pdfKY 811 Excavation Location Requests
4/19/2016Policy Change for Certified Payrolls.pdfPolicy Change for Certified Payrolls
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Preliminary ATC - Pike County - Russell Fork Bridge at Beaver Creek9/22/2017
June 236/23/2017
May 265/26/2017
April 284/28/2017
March 243/24/2017
February 242/24/2017
January 271/27/2017
December 2112/21/2016
December 912/9/2016
November 1811/18/2016
October 2810/28/2016
September 309/30/2016
August 268/26/2016
July 297/29/2016
June 246/24/2016
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Local Public Agency Project
​Complete Letting Schedules
2018 Letting Schedule.pdf2018 Letting Schedule
2017 Letting Schedule.pdf2017 Letting Schedule
2016 Letting Schedule.pdf2016 Letting Schedule
2015 Letting Schedule.pdf2015 Letting Schedule
2014 Letting Schedule.pdf2014 Letting Schedule
2013 Letting Schedule.pdf2013 Letting Schedule
2012 Letting Schedule.pdf2012 Letting Schedule
2011 Letting Schedule.pdf2011 Letting Schedule
2010 Letting Schedule.pdf2010 Letting Schedule
2009 Letting Schedule.pdf2009 Letting Schedule
2008 Letting Schedule.pdf2008 Letting Schedule
2007 Letting Schedule.pdf2007 Letting Schedule
2006 Letting Schedule.pdf2006 Letting Schedule
2005 Letting Schedule.pdf2005 Letting Schedule
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