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District 12Carter, Elliott, Lawrence, RowanKY 645 Regional Corridor Study200612-115.00
District 10, District 12Floyd, Magoffin, Morgan, WolfeKY 9009/US 460/KY 114 Programming Study2010
District 8, District 9, District 11, District 12Bell, Boyd, Breathitt, Clark, Clinton, Cumberland, Estill, Floyd, Greenup, Harlan, Knott, Knox, Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Letcher, Lewis, Magoffin, Menifee, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Perry, Pike, Powell, Pulaski, Wayne, WolfeThe Appalachian Development Highway System In Kentucky2010
District 12PikeKY 1426 Transportation Study2008
District 12LawrenceKY 32 Pre-Design Scoping Study201012-8405.00
District 12PikeUS 460 DNA Pre-Design Scoping Study201012-8631.00
District 12FloydGarrett Bridge Pre-Design Scoping Study201112-1085.00
District 12PikeThompson Road - DNA Scoping Study201212‐8704.00, 12‐8705.00
District 12Johnson2012
District 12FloydUS 23 DNA Scoping Study201212-0191.00
District 10, District 12MagoffinUS 460 Improvements Scoping Study2012
District 12MartinKY 40 DNA Scoping Study201312-0192.00
District 12LawrenceKY 3215 DNA Scoping Study201312-0003.00
District 12FloydKY 979 DNA Scoping Study201312-195.00
District 12LetcherKY 2034C​ Bridge Replacement ​DNA Scoping Study201312-1113.00
District 12LetcherSteel Bridge Road Bridge Replacement DNA Scoping Study201312-1117.00
District 12PikeFishtrap Road DNA Scoping Study201312-1115.00
District 12KnottRocklick Branch DNA Scoping Study201312-1116.00
District 12FloydGarrett Ramp DNA Scoping Study201312-8703.00
District 12PikeKY 194 Section 1 Corridor Study201412-198.00
District 12PikeUS 119 to Phelps Corridor Study2014
District 12LetcherDNA Scoping Study US 119 from US 23 to Whitesburg201512-199.00