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Interstate 66, Interstate 69, Interstate 74

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District 1GravesKY 121 Programming Study200501-8100.00
District 1CallowayMurray Five-Points Intersection2006
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Studies200401-183.00
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Study200401-182.00
District 1, District 2Caldwell, LyonUS 641 Alternatives Study2005
District 2MuhlenbergKY 181 Scoping Study20022-313.00
District 2Daviess, McLean, MuhlenbergUS 431 Programming Study200802-8106.00
District 2HendersonUS 41A (Green Street) Scoping Study20102-140.00
District 2UnionUS 60 Programming Study20042-8102.00
District 2MuhlenbergUS 62 Intermediate Planning Study20032-138.00
District 3WarrenElrod Road/Natcher Parkway Interchange Study20093-130.00
District 3Allen, SimpsonKY 100 Alternatives Study20083-8303.00
District 3MetcalfeKY 163 Alternatives Study20073-129.00
District 3MonroeKY 163 South Alternates Planning Study20083-8310.00
District 3SimpsonKY 1008 Pre-Design Scoping Study20043-106.00
District 3WarrenUS 231/I 65 Interchange Study2007
District 3WarrenUS 31W Scoping Study20103-131.00
District 4NelsonBardstown SUA2008
District 4TaylorCampbellsville SUA2008
District 4Grayson, HartKY 88 Programming Study20044-8101.00
District 4, District 8Adair, Green, Marion, Taylor, WashingtonHeartland Parkway Alternatives Planning Study20054-132.00
District 4GraysonLeitchfield Northwest Bypass Study2004
District 4GraysonUS 62 Programming Study20084-8303.00
District 5JeffersonBilltown Road Scoping Study20075-8203.00
District 5Jefferson, ShelbyI 64 Interchange and New Connector Alternatives Study20085-8200.00
District 5JeffersonI 65 Ramp Modifications Scoping Study20085-1802.00
District 5JeffersonI 71/I 265 Interchange Alternatives Study20105-68.00
District 5JeffersonRehl Road/I 265 Interchange Feasibility Study2009
District 5Jefferson, OldhamKY 22 Scoping Study20055-371.00
District 5BullittKY 44 Alternate Study20055-150.00
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