Active Sepias 2017
​The Sepia List is used as a means to update the Standard Drawings. The Sepia List is a list of drawings that are either:
  1. A new detailed drawing that is approved for use as a Standard Drawing, but is not yet found in the Standard Drawings book;
  2. A new detailed drawing that is under consideration and is awaiting approval for use as a Standard; or
  3. A revision to a detailed drawing that is currently in the Standard Drawing book.
The revisions listed on the Sepia List supersede the drawing found in the current Standard Drawings book. The Sepia drawings are inserted by the designer into the plan sets as applicable. The drawings listed on the Sepia List are put into the Standard Drawing book when a Standard Drawing revision or reprint occurs. (This generally occurs once every four years at the same time of the Standard Specification reprint.)
Sepia 001.DGN
Sepia 0013/28/20166/24/2016Treatment of Open Sinkholes
Sepia 002.DGN
Sepia 00211/23/20162/24/2017Centerline Rumble Strips
Sepia 003.DGN
Sepia 00311/23/20162/24/2017Centerline Rumble Strips 4 inch Striping
Sepia 004.DGN
Sepia 00411/23/20162/24/2017Centerline Rumble Strips 6 inch Striping
Sepia 005.DGN
Sepia 00511/23/20162/24/2017Shoulder and Edgeline Rumble Strip Details
Sepia 006.DGN
Sepia 00611/23/20162/24/2017Edgeline Rumble Strip Details Two Lane Roadways
Sepia 007.DGN
Sepia 00712/12/20162/24/2017Shoulder Rumble Strip Details two Lane roadways
Sepia 008.DGN
Sepia 00811/23/20162/24/2017Rumble Strip Details Multi-Lane Roadways and Ramps
Sepia 009.DGN
Sepia 0091/26/20174/28/2017Treatment of Embankments at end-bents
Sepia 010.DGN
Sepia 0101/26/20174/28/2017Treatment of Embankments at end-bents - Details
Sepia 011.dgn
Sepia 0111/30/20174/28/2017Pavement Marker Arrangements Two-Way Left Turn Lane