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Welcome to the forms resource page, the official source of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's forms. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media. Additionally, the View by Category links to the right provide filtering capabilities for the forms at large.

Adobe Reader is required for all PDF files and Microsoft Excel and Word or Open Office for all Excel and Word documents.
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TC 69-4.pdfTC 69-4Utility/Rail Agreement Change OrderPDF
TC 69-4.docTC 69-4Utility/Rail Agreement Change OrderWord
TC 69-5.pdfTC 69-5Notification of Utility Relocation and/or AdjustmentPDF
TC 69-5.docxTC 69-5Notification of Utility Relocation and/or AdjustmentWord
TC 69-7.xlsTC 69-7Utility Progress ReportExcel
TC 69-7.pdfTC 69-7Utility Progress ReportPDF
TC 69-8.pdfTC 69-8Utility/Rail Agreement Statement of ChargesPDF
TC 69-8.docTC 69-8Utility/Rail Agreement Statement of ChargesWord
TC 69-9.XLSTC 69-9Summary of Project Costs (Utility Adjustments)Excel
TC 69-9.pdfTC 69-9Summary of Project Costs (Utility Adjustments)PDF
TC 69-11.pdfTC 69-11Summary for KYTC Projects that Involve a RailroadPDF
TC 69-11.docxTC 69-11Summary for KYTC Projects that Involve a RailroadWord