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Welcome to the forms resource page, the official source of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's forms. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media. Additionally, the View by Category links to the right provide filtering capabilities for the forms at large.

Adobe Reader is required for all PDF files.  Microsoft Excel and Word (or Open Office) are required for all Excel and Word documents, respectively.
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TC 62-19.pdfTC 62-19Property Owner InterviewPDF
TC 62-19.docxTC 62-19Property Owner InterviewWord
TC 62-26.pdfTC 62-26Rental AgreementPDF
TC 62-26.docTC 62-26Rental AgreementWord
TC 62-41.pdfTC 62-41Improvement Removal ContractPDF
TC 62-41.docTC 62-41Improvement Removal ContractWord
TC 62-48.pdfTC 62-48Closing StatementPDF
TC 62-48.docTC 62-48Closing StatementWord
TC 62-50.pdfTC 62-50Mortgage Interest RatesPDF
TC 62-50.docTC 62-50Mortgage Interest RatesWord
TC 62-58.pdfTC 62-58Rent CertificationPDF
TC 62-58.docTC 62-58Rent CertificationWord
TC 62-59.pdfTC 62-59Mortgage InformationPDF
TC 62-59.docTC 62-59Mortgage InformationWord
TC 62-63.pdfTC 62-63Comparative Data SheetPDF
TC 62-63.docTC 62-63Comparative Data SheetWord
TC 62-67.pdfTC 62-67DS&S Inspection ReportPDF
TC 62-67.docTC 62-67DS&S Inspection ReportWord
TC 62-68.pdfTC 62-68Certified InventoryPDF
TC 62-68.docTC 62-68Certified InventoryWord
TC 62-71.pdfTC 62-71Rent ClaimPDF
TC 62-71.docTC 62-71Rent ClaimWord
TC 62-75.pdfTC 62-75Project ReportPDF
TC 62-75.docTC 62-75Project ReportWord
TC 62-77.pdfTC 62-77Record of ContactsPDF
TC 62-77.docTC 62-77Record of ContactsWord
TC 62-84.pdfTC 62-84Rental RecordPDF
TC 62-84.docTC 62-84Rental RecordWord
TC 62-91.pdfTC 62-91Relocation Assistance Opinion SurveyPDF
TC 62-91.docTC 62-91Relocation Assistance Opinion SurveyWord
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