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Welcome to the forms resource page, the official source of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's forms. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media. Additionally, the View by Category links to the right provide filtering capabilities for the forms at large.

Adobe Reader is required for all PDF files.  Microsoft Excel and Word (or Open Office) are required for all Excel and Word documents, respectively.
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TC 71-9.pdfTC 71-9Certified Transportation PlanPDF
TC 71-9.docTC 71-9Certified Transportation PlanWord
TC 71-201.xlsTC 71-201Industrial Haul Permit: ApplicationExcel
TC 71-201.pdfTC 71-201Industrial Haul Permit: ApplicationPDF
TC 71-202.xlsTC 71-202Industrial Haul Permit: Performance BondExcel
TC 71-202.pdfTC 71-202Industrial Haul Permit: Performance BondPDF
TC 71-203.xlsTC 71-203Industrial Haul Permit: Release from BondExcel
TC 71-203.pdfTC 71-203Industrial Haul Permit:  Release from BondPDF
TC 71-204.xlsTC 71-204Industrial Haul Permit: Truck InformationExcel
TC 71-204.pdfTC 71-204Industrial Haul Permit: Truck InformationPDF
TC 71-205.xlsTC 71-205Industrial Haul Permit: Transportation PlanExcel
TC 71-205.pdfTC 71-205Industrial Haul Permit: Transportation PlanPDF
TC 71-206.xlsTC 71-206Industrial Haul Permit: Bridge Weight LimitsExcel
TC 71-206.pdfTC 71-206Industrial Haul Permit: Bridge Weight LimitsPDF
TC 71-221.xlsTC 71-221Fire Watch LogExcel
TC 71-221.pdfTC 71-221Fire Watch LogPDF
TC 71-223.xlsTC 71-223Agreement for Services to be Performed in Conjunction with Governmental AgenciesExcel
TC 71-223.pdfTC 71-223Agreement for Services to be Performed in Conjunction with Governmental AgenciesPDF
TC 71-224.xlsTC 71-224Industrial Haul Permit: Bridge Analysis RequestExcel
TC 71-224.pdfTC 71-224Industrial Haul Permit: Bridge Analysis RequestPDF
TC 71-226.pdfTC 71-226Noxious Weed Control RequestPDF
TC 71-226.docTC 71-226Noxious Weed Control RequestWord
TC 71-227.pdfTC 71-227Cooperative AgreementPDF
TC 71-227.docTC 71-227Cooperative AgreementWord
TC 71-229.xlsxTC 71-229Sign Details InformationExcel
TC 71-229.pdfTC 71-229Sign Details InformationPDF
TC 71-230.xlsxTC 71-230Sign Assembly InformationExcel
TC 71-230.pdfTC 71-230Sign Assembly InformationPDF