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Welcome to the forms resource page, the official source of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's forms. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media. Additionally, the View by Category links to the right provide filtering capabilities for the forms at large.

Adobe Reader is required for all PDF files and Microsoft Excel and Word or Open Office for all Excel and Word documents.
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TC 35-11.pdfTC 35-11Grant Application/Contract Conditions for Law Enforcement Overtime ProjectsPDF
TC 35-11.docTC 35-11Grant Application/Contract Conditions for Law Enforcement Overtime ProjectsWord
TC 35-12.xlsTC 35-12Reimbursement Claim - Law Enforcement OvertimeExcel
TC 35-12.pdfTC 35-12Reimbursement Claim - Law Enforcement OvertimePDF
TC 35-13.xlsTC 35-13Reimbursement Claim - Non-Law Enforcement ProjectsExcel
TC 35-13.pdfTC 35-13Reimbursement Claim - Non-Law Enforcement ProjectsPDF
TC 35-14.xlsTC 35-14Overtime WorksheetExcel
TC 35-14.pdfTC 35-14Overtime WorksheetPDF
TC 35-15.xlsTC 35-15Activity ReportingExcel
TC 35-15.pdfTC 35-15Activity ReportingPDF
TC 35-16.xlsTC 35-16Supplemental Checkpoint ReportingExcel
TC 35-16.pdfTC 35-16Supplemental Checkpoint ReportingPDF
TC 35-17.xlsTC 35-17Officers Overtime Detail LogExcel
TC 35-17.pdfTC 35-17Officers Overtime Detail LogPDF
TC 35-18.pdfTC 35-18Non-Expendable Property Accountability RecordPDF
TC 35-18.docTC 35-18Non-Expendable Property Accountability RecordWord
TC 35-19.pdfTC 35-19Detailed Monthly NarrativePDF
TC 35-19.docTC 35-19Detailed Monthly NarrativeWord
TC 35-20.xlsTC 35-20Out-of-State/Overnight Travel RequestExcel
TC 35-20.pdfTC 35-20Out-of-State/Overnight Travel RequestPDF
TC 35-21.pdfTC 35-21Final Reporting - Law Enforcement ProjectsPDF
TC 35-21.docTC 35-21Final Reporting - Law Enforcement ProjectsWord
TC 35-22.pdfTC 35-22Final Reporting - Non-Overtime Enforcement ProjectsPDF
TC 35-22.docTC 35-22Final Reporting - Non-Overtime Enforcement ProjectsWord
TC 35-23.pdfTC 35-23Grant Application (CIOT)PDF
TC 35-23.docxTC 35-23Grant Application (CIOT)Word
TC 35-24.pdfTC 35-24Grant Application/Contract Conditions for Non-Overtime Enforcement ProjectsPDF
TC 35-24.docTC 35-24Grant Application/Contract Conditions for Non-Overtime Enforcement ProjectsWord