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TC 61-10.docxTC 61-10Final Plan Submittal and Project Certification for Federally Funded ProjectsWord
TC 61-11.docxTC 61-11Final Plan Submittal for State Funded ProjectsWord
TC 61-29.xlsTC 61-29Pavement Design Less Than 20,000,000 ESALS and Off the National Highway SystemExcel
TC 61-100.xlsTC 61-100Drainage Design SummaryExcel
TC 61-120.pdfTC 61-120Inlet Spacing: Curb Opening, Grated and Slotted Pipe InletsPDF
TC 61-120.docxTC 61-120Inlet Spacing: Curb Opening, Grated and Slotted Pipe InletsWord
TC 61-505.pdfTC 61-505Storm Sewer Design:  Computable TablePDF
TC 61-505.docxTC 61-505Storm Sewer Design:  Computable TableWord
TC 61-509.pdfTC 61-509Preliminary Drainage (Risk) Assessment for Floodplain EncroachmentPDF
TC 61-509.docxTC 61-509Preliminary Drainage (Risk) Assessment for Floodplain EncroachmentWord
TC 61-514.pdfTC 61-514Control Monument Information SheetPDF
TC 61-514.docxTC 61-514Control Monument Information SheetWord
TC 61-515.pdfTC 61-515Electronic Files SubmittalPDF
TC 61-515.docTC 61-515Electronic Files SubmittalWord
TC 61-516.pdfTC 61-516Traffic Management PlanPDF
TC 61-516.docxTC 61-516Traffic Management PlanWord
TC 61-517.xlsTC 61-517Storm Sewer System SummaryExcel
TC 61-517.pdfTC 61-517Storm Sewer System SummaryPDF
TC 61-518.pdfTC 61-518Drainage Structure SummaryPDF
TC 61-518.docxTC 61-518Drainage Structure SummaryWord