Kentucky Qualified Testers and Laboratories (KQTL)

Training Schedules and Registration Forms:


In addition to completing the appropriate registration form below, all state employees are required to complete form TC 12-242E (External Training Authorization & Registration). This form should be completed by the employee, approved by the supervisor and office head, and then sent to Stephanie Dunn of the Office of Human Resource Management.


  • Link to Kentucky Crushed Stone Association's Web-Site, updated 11/04/2015.
  • Link to UK's Asphalt Training and Testing Web-Site, updated 05/13/2011.
Bridge Coatings Inspection
  • Link to SSPC's Web-Site for Coatings Inspection Training and Certification for the Bridge Industry, updated 10/31/2006.
  • Link to KRMCA Web-Site, updated 6/10/2004.
  • Or contact John McChord of KRMCA at (800) 737-1535
  • This course is required for all individuals that perform erosion control inspections on KYTC projects.
  • Please follow this link for additional information.
  • Link to UK's Grade and Drain Training Web-Site, updated 03/07/2013.

Pavement Markings

  • 17 kb, 2 Pages, updated 12/02/2014.

Pavement Markings Manual

    • 13.2 Mb, 294 Pages, updated 02/7/2014.

Structures Level I

  • 119 kb, 4 Pages, updated 03/12/2015.
  • 11 kb, 4 Pages, updated 07/22/2010.