Drainage Manual
DR 100 Introduction.pdfDR 100 Introduction2/28/2011
DR 200 Stormwater and Floodplain Management.pdfDR 200 Stormwater and Floodplain Management7/30/2009
DR 300 Drainage Folders.pdfDR 300 Drainage Folders2/28/2011
DR 400 Hydrology.pdfDR 400 Hydrology7/20/2010
DR 500 Open Channels.pdfDR 500 Open Channels3/22/2010
DR 600 Culverts.pdfDR 600 Culverts3/22/2010
DR 700 Inlets and Storm Sewers.pdf.pdfDR 700 Inlets and Storm Sewers.pdf6/26/2013
DR 800 Bridges.pdfDR 800 Bridges3/22/2010
DR 900 Storage.pdfDR 900 Storage7/30/2009
Subject 1101 Temporary Drainage Facilities.pdfSubject 1101 Temporary Drainage Facilities7/20/2010
Table of Contents 1-18-11.pdfTable of Contents 1-18-11
​Drainage Submittal Forms
Drainage_Folder_Cover3.docDrainage_Folder_Cover3Includes editable fields
Grated_Inlet_Sump.docGrated_Inlet_SumpGraphic File
TC 61-100.xlsxTC 61-100Design Drainage Summary Template
TC 61-507.dotTC 61-507Channel analysis Template
TC 61-517.xlsxTC 61-517Storm Sewer System Summary
Water Related Impact Summary.docxWater Related Impact SummaryWater Related Impact Summary
englishforms.zipenglishformsIncludes editable TC forms
FEMA.zipFEMAFIS forms and Hydraulic Policy Statements
Bridge Risk Analysis.docxBridge Risk AnalysisBridge Risk Analysis Template