Contact Information
DirectorBill Gulick
Assistant DirectorJoette Fields
Acting Administrative Support SupervisorJoette Fields
Roadway Rehabilitation Branch TEBMDan Hite
Developmental Branch TEBMKevin Martin
Roadway Design Branch TEBMBrad Eldridge
Pavement Branch TEBMJoe Tucker
Technical Support Branch BMHenry Wells
Drainage Branch TEBMRon Matar
Quality Assurance Branch TEBMBrent Sweger
Plan Processing Branch BMBill Greene
Key Contacts
Kentucky State Clearinghouse / PublicCarolyn Weber
Statewide Roadway Design ServicesKevin Martin
Standard DrawingsJeff Lail
Survey CoordinatorDan Farrell
Plan ProcessingBill Greene
Value Engineering CoordinatorShawn Russell
Roadway Sign Design CoordinatorAndre Johannes
Location Assignments
1, 4David Martin
2, 8Randy Turner
3, 11Travis Carrico
5Jill Asher
6, 9 & Rest Area CoordinatorJim Simpson
7, 10Keith Caudill
12Kevin Martin
Interstate Widening & Reconstruction Commercial Vehicle Monitoring StationsDan Hite
Drainage Assignments
1, 2, 10, 11Vicki Boldrick
3, 5, 7, 8Ron Matar
4, 6, 9, 12Doug Gesso
Drainage Folder Requests & ArchivingRokshad Khan
Drainage Manual RewriteRonald Matar
Pavement Design Cost AnalysisLeo Frank
Pavement Rehab ProjectsJoe Tucker
Technical Support
Microstation, ProjectWise, Plotting, Custom ApplicationsHenry Wells
Microstation, ProjectWise, PlottingAlex Smith
ProjectWise, EstimatorPam Kolze
ProjectWise, Turning PointKaren Jones
Inroads, Estimator, Microstation, SurveyPatrick Stone
Inroads, Estimator, MicrostationWendy Southworth
Survey, Hec-ras, Inroads, Storm and Sanitary, MicrostationTroy Woodyard
Inroads, Microstation, WebinarsChris Congleton
Inroads, Estimator, MicrostationBarry Burton
Microstation, InRoads, ProjectWise, Plotting, TurningPoint, Estimator, Survey, Hec-ras, and custom appsKYTC Cadd Support