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 Capital City Airport

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Capital City Airport and Frankfort.  The Capital City Airport is a public-use airport that is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky Capitol
In the heart of the Bluegrass, the Capital City Airport is located one mile southwest of Frankfort, in Franklin County, Kentucky. Frankfort is the State capital as well as a principal trading center in the north-central region of Kentucky, making transportation vital to its economy. It is served by Interstate 64 and US Highway 127. Frankfort, the county seat, is the largest city, with a population of 28,602 in 2020.
Along with a 5,500-foot single runway, the airport has one full-service fixed-based operator (FBO) and an aircraft maintenance shop.

The airport covers 355 acres and adjoins the Boone National Guard Center.​​

Capital City runway

Home to 79 aircraft, including single and multi-engine airplanes and rotorcraft, the Capital City Airport sees an estimated 39,200 aircraft operations per year.

This includes state government and Army National Guard operations, corporate activity, and recreational flying. Currently, the Airport has 41 existing aircraft T-hangars and approximately 17 tie-down spots

The Capital City Airport has a GPS (Global Positioning System) approach on both ends of the runway as well as Localizer/Distance Measuring Equipment (LOC/DME), and Very High-Frequency Omni-directional Range Station (VOR) approaches on Runway 25.
Hangar sevices
If your flight brings you to Kentucky, the Capital City Airport is equipped to meet your line service requirements. Our professional line personnel can handle any aircraft quickly, safely, and with courteous attention to detail.  When you taxi into the airport, we will be there to greet you.

Whether you need full or self-service aircraft refueling, we pride ourselves on bringing you low prices while maintaining high-quality service.  We offer Titan Aviation fuel and accept most major credit cards. 
Thank you for choosing Capital City Airport.  We trust your visit will be enjoyable and hope that you continue to use our airport for your travel needs in the near future.  We look forward to serving you on your next trip.  

Thank you!

 What is the impact of Capital City Airport? Just watch.

If you have ever wondered about the impact an airport has on a community, watch this video.

The animation, created by Kentucky Airport Animations, plots arrivals and departures from Capital City Airport (FFT) for filed flight plans during 2022 from the Federal Aviation Administration, of which there were 1,940 flights to/from 39 states.  Pay particular attention to the timeline at the top of this graphic as the video plays — as it moves from month to month, you can see FFT's reach expand across the United States.

Capital City Airport is an incredible resource for our community.  We continue to seek ways to improve our facilities and make the Capital City Airport viable for our customers, community and local industries. ​

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Numerous restaurants and lodging are available in Frankfort.

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​Capital City Airport Division - Flight


The Capital City Airport Division currently has five aircraft available for economical travel. The single and twin-engine airplanes provide direct transportation and the helicopters provide more flexibility with site-to-site transportation.

Our services include passenger transportation, aerial videography, wildlife survey, and many other specialty flights.

Flying increases employee productivity and reduces overtime/comp time, overnight lodging and per diem, etc.

Rate information and a list of aircraft available for official state business.

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Capital City Airport FBO
90 Airport Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
FAX: 502.564.0174

Capital City Airport Division
90 Airport Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
FAX: 502.564.0172

Aircraft Maintenance

Learn to Fly Here

 Map of Frankfort

Map of Frankfort

​Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)

The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative planning effort between Boone National Guard Center and the surrounding communities to examine growth issues around Boone Center and Capital City Airport.

JLUS Final Report 

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Flight Scheduling

State agencies can schedule a flight or obtain a free quote for a trip by calling our Flight Scheduling Office at 502.564.0099.

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