There are 5 distinct branches within the Maintenance Division with the common goal to maintain a safe, efficient, environmentally sound and fiscally responsible transportation system to ensure mobility & access, and to promote economic growth for all citizens of the Commonwealth.
Anyone wanting access to a road on the State Highway System or wanting to conduct any type of work activity on the right-of-way, must obtain a permit.
Bridge Maintenance
Responsible for coordinating of bridge inspection, preparing bridge repair contracts and determining bridge weight restrictions, including the extended weight coal haul system.
Operations and Pavement Management
Responsible for roadway surface testing. Also responsible for collecting and analyzing data to assess our maintenance performance and asset management.
Roadway Maintenance
Prepares contracts for roadway patching or resurfacing, and repairing or replacing other roadway features such as pipes, guardrail, striping, large signs and small slides. Also responsible for inspecting dams that are connected to the State Highway System.
Roadside Maintenance
Manages all aspects of the area between the roadway and the fence. Also manages the state's winter weather response.

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