Value Engineering Program
The VE program started in 1995 as a way to take a look at projects with a fresh set of eyes to see if there are potential ways to improve the project or reduce unnecessary costs while still meeting the desired design objectives.  The VE program is part of the Quality Assurance Branch located in the Division of Highway Design.
VE Regulations and Guidance
FHWA released its latest guidance on value engineering requirements in May 2010.  In addition, KYTC Division of Design issued a design memo in August 2010 specifying VE requirements for Kentucky highway and bridge projects.  The QA Branch has also developed a manual that explains the processes for VE and VECP programs in an easy to read format. 
Completed VE Studies
The VE Study Library will provide access to the VE studies that have been completed.  The VE Study Catalog provides a listing of the completed studies. 
Future VE Studies
 A listing of projects, including item numbers, that require a VE analysis based on federal regulations.
Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP)
VECPs are a way that a contractor may propose a change to original project design that will reduce the cost while maintaining the same function and level of quality.  The Division of Construction decides whether VECPs are eligible  and should be approved. 
Other VE Resources
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