Post Construction Review
Part Width Construction
The Post Construction Review (PCR) program comprises of one the facets the Ky. Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) provides as an avenue to “learn” from past project experiences.  The PCR coordinator works with the District Project Development (PD) and Project Delivery & Preservation (PD&P) Transportation Engineering Branch Managers (TEBM’s) to solicit projects that are suitable for review. 
 Projects eligible for Post Construction Review 
    • Projects with construction costs >$1M and open to public for at least a year
    Any other project a District deems suitable for review
    • Goal of 4 projects from each District per fiscal year

 The annual program cycle runs with the fiscal year from July 1st to June 30th and review meetings generally are held from August – April. During the summer months, site visits may be made to projects that will be reviewed upon completion in order to gain a real-time perspective on issues.  Additionally,  in this timeframe, findings from the review meetings are analyzed and reported to respective entities, particularly designers and project managers, who may be impacted from the results of the data.

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