Partnering Conferences
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Division of Professional Services.pdfDivision of Professional ServicesGeneral
Mike Hill:
Funding Requests.pdfFunding RequestsGeneral
Ron Rigney:
Right of Way.pdfRight of WayAquisition
Lorrie Neeley: Pamela Clay-Young: 
Auxiliary Turn Lanes.pdfAuxiliary Turn LanesDesign
Diverging Diamond Interchange 101.pdfDiverging Diamond Interchange 101Design
Scott Wolf: Carol Callan-Ramler: John Moss:
Machine Control Pilot.pdfMachine Control PilotDesign
Danielle Buchannan:
EPA Storm Water Construction BMP ‐ Porous Asphalt Pavement.pdfEPA Storm Water Construction BMP ‐ Porous Asphalt PavementEnvironmental
Brian Wood:
Milton-Madison Bridge.pdfMilton-Madison BridgeEnvironmental
John Carr John Mettille
Chalk Talk.pdfChalk TalkGeneral
James Isaman:
Mining Highway Designs Webpage.pdfMining Highway Designs WebpageGeneral
Jeremy Gould:
Protecting the Public Interest One LPA at a Time.pdfProtecting the Public Interest One LPA at a TimePlanning
Ron Rigney: Amy Thomas: Shane Tucker:
ATT Presentation - Morgan.pdfATT Presentation - MorganUtilities
Morgan Herndon
Sewer Utilities and their Facilites.pdfSewer Utilities and their FacilitesUtilities
Roy Flynn David Givan
Utility Agreements.pdfUtility AgreementsUtilities
Jennifer McCleve:
Local Public Agency Overview.pdfLocal Public Agency OverviewGeneral
Ron Rigney:
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Milton-Madison Bridge Project ALS.pdfMilton-Madison Bridge Project ALSGeneral
John Carr
Were Practically There.pdfWere Practically ThereGeneral
Jeff Jasper:
2010 Project Excellence Awards.pdf2010 Project Excellence AwardsGeneral
Brad Eldridge:
Division of Environmental Analysis Update.pdfDivision of Environmental Analysis UpdateGeneral
David Waldner:
GIS Update.pdfGIS UpdateGeneral
Will Holmes:
Professional Services.pdfProfessional ServicesGeneral
Michael Hill:
Consultant Evaluations.pdfConsultant EvaluationsDesign
Chuck Allen:
KYTC Roundabout Policy and Development.pdfKYTC Roundabout Policy and DevelopmentDesign
Administrative Record-Keeping.pdfAdministrative Record-KeepingEnvironmental
John Mettile Tim Haggerty
The Ripple Effect.pdfThe Ripple EffectEnvironmental
Carol Callan-Ramler: John Eckler: John Michael Johnson: Brad Eldridge:
Pike County US 460 ARC Corridor Q.pdfPike County US 460 ARC Corridor QProject Highlights
Kevin Damron: John Michael Johnson: David Lindeman Brad Robson
World Equestrian Games.pdfWorld Equestrian GamesProject Highlights
Ben Edelen: Jarrod Stanley: Bill Seymour Scott Walker
Practical Applications Using KYCORS.pdfPractical Applications Using KYCORSTechnical
Danielle Kelly:
ProjectWise.pdfProjectWiseUtilities & Rail
Jeremy Gould:
Subsurface Utility Engineering Process.pdfSubsurface Utility Engineering ProcessUtilities & Rail
Bill Rynearson Keith Crowe
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Clear View Development.pdfClear View DevelopmentGeneral
Jim Fisher:, Tom Cantrell:
Leading the Plan.pdfLeading the PlanGeneral
Kevin Damron:
LiDAR Initiative.pdfLiDAR InitiativeGeneral
Dan Farrell:
MAP 21.pdfMAP 21General
Steve Mills
Changes In The 2011 AASHTO Roadside Design Guide.pdfChanges In The 2011 AASHTO Roadside Design GuideDesign
Rod Lacy
Jeff Jasper:, Adam Kirk
KYTC New MS4 Permit And Design Implications.pdfKYTC New MS4 Permit And Design ImplicationsEnvironmental
John Drake:; Ron Matar:
Widening The Historic River Road Arch Bridge.pdfWidening The Historic River Road Arch BridgeEnvironmental
Daryl W. Carter; Richard Sutherland
Funding Codes and Funding Sources.pdfFunding Codes and Funding SourcesGeneral
Ron Rigney:
Breaking Down The DNA Plan.pdfBreaking Down The DNA PlanPlanning
Jill Asher:, Jason blackburn:, Mike Lorenz:
District Transportation Plan Interactive MappingTool.pdfDistrict Transportation Plan Interactive MappingToolPlanning
Keith Dotson:; Steve Ross:
An Update On I69 Progress Schedules and Challenges.pdfAn Update On I69 Progress Schedules and ChallengesProject Highlights
Keith Damron:
Milton Madison Bridge Project.pdfMilton Madison Bridge ProjectProject Highlights
Aaron Stover
Lesson Learned From Double Crossover Diamond.pdfLesson Learned From Double Crossover DiamondQuality Assurance
Nathan Wilkinson:; Jonathan West:; Brian Aldridge
The Use Of Bid Item Codes.pdfThe Use Of Bid Item CodesQuality Assurance
Nancy Albright:; Rachel Mills:; Jon Canler:; Jeremiah Littleton:
VE Briging Value and Innovation Beyond the 11ft Lane.pdfVE Briging Value and Innovation Beyond the 11ft LaneQuality Assurance
Brent Sweger:
Can Rendering Prevent Wondering.pdfCan Rendering Prevent WonderingRight of Way and Design
Peter Overmohle
Theres A New Datum In Town.pdfTheres A New Datum In TownRight of Way and Design
Danielle Kelly:
Misinformation on Facebook A Case Study.pdfMisinformation on Facebook A Case StudyRight of Way and Design
Sara George:; Chris James:; Ron Slone:
RW Carve Outs Relocation Assistance Appraisal.pdfRW Carve Outs Relocation Assistance AppraisalRight of way and Design
Mary Beth Johnson:
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