Partnering Conferences
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2014 Project Excellence Awards.pdf2014 Project Excellence AwardsMonday
Brad Eldridge, Gary Valentine
Land Classification Part 1.pdfLand Classification Part 1Appraisal
William Berkley, Leigh Ann Parkinson
Environmental Justice Campbellsville Bypass.pdfEnvironmental Justice Campbellsville BypassEnvironmental
Tom Springer
Hydromodification A What, Why and How.pdfHydromodification A What, Why and HowEnvironmental
Matt Wooten, Bob Hawley
Data, Data, Data.pdfData, Data, DataPlannin
Dr. Mei Chen, Steve Cummins, Scott Thomson
Highway Safety  CRF vs Deltas.pdfHighway Safety CRF vs DeltasPlanning
Eric Green
Bowling Green’s First Roundabout - Plunk.pdfBowling Green’s First Roundabout - PlunkProject Highlights
Joe Plunk
Milton-Madison Bridge Project Update.pdfMilton-Madison Bridge Project UpdateProject Highlights
Tom Bolte, Murray Johnson
Highway Design Manual Rewrite.pdfHighway Design Manual RewriteProject Management
Jill Asher, Jonathan West
Elliott County – KY 7 3D Model Pilot Project.pdfElliott County – KY 7 3D Model Pilot ProjectTechnology
Jason Littleton, Kevin Martin
Collaboration Opportunities between Signalization Design and Utility Coordination.pdfCollaboration Opportunities between Signalization Design and Utility CoordinationUtilities
Ted Swansegar
KURTS An innovative tool for Road Designers as Well As Utility Coordinators.pdfKURTS An innovative tool for Road Designers as Well As Utility CoordinatorsUtilities
Jennifer McCleve, Tom Capshaw
Communicating with Engineers  and ROW Project Managers.pdfCommunicating with Engineers and ROW Project ManagersUtilities
Dean Loy, Mark Askin
Paul Looney, Stephen Sewell, Tim Choate
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US 460 Connector Design Build Project.pdfUS 460 Connector Design Build Project
Michael Lawler
Seven Year Itch by Kevin Damron.pdfSeven Year Itch by Kevin Damron
Kevin Damron
Designing and Planning for Peds and Bikes.pdfDesigning and Planning for Peds and Bikes
Division of Professional Services - Partnering '13.pdfDivision of Professional Services - Partnering '13
Newton Pike Extension.pdfNewton Pike ExtensionEnvironmental
Phil Logsdon, Dave Pollack, Tom Law
Section 106 Consulting Party Request Administration.pdfSection 106 Consulting Party Request AdministrationEnvironmental
Phil Logsdon
Strategic Highway Research Program 2.pdfStrategic Highway Research Program 2General
Brad Rister, Kevin Sandefur, Jon Wilcoxson
Understanding Pedestrian Collisions in Louisville Metro.pdfUnderstanding Pedestrian Collisions in Louisville MetroPlanning
Dirk Gowin
Use of HCS Streets and CORSIM-VISSIM.pdfUse of HCS Streets and CORSIM-VISSIMTechnology
Ashley McLain, Gary Sharpe
Context Sensitive Utilities Success Stories.pdfContext Sensitive Utilities Success StoriesUtilities and Rail
Joseph Plunk, Stewart Lich, Nikki boden
Utility-Rail Fiscal matters - 2013.pdfUtility-Rail Fiscal matters - 2013Utilities and Rail
Alice Wilson, Lori Mann, Michael Coffey, Carly Cockley, Jennifer McCleve
Milton Madison Bridge.pdfMilton Madison Bridge
Larry Collins
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Lessons Learned.pdfLessons LearnedGeneral
Jeff Jasper:
Every Day Counts.pdfEvery Day CountsGeneral
Keith Damron:
Project Excellence Awards.pdfProject Excellence AwardsGeneral
Brad Eldridge:
Case Studies For Photogrammetry and LiDAR.pdfCase Studies For Photogrammetry and LiDARDesign
Ben Fisher, Jeremy Mullins, Mike Ritchie, Jeff Padgett
The 2011 AASHTO Green Book.pdfThe 2011 AASHTO Green BookDesign
Marshall Elizer
A Bridge To The Past Truss Bridge Rehab.pdfA Bridge To The Past Truss Bridge RehabEnvironmental
Amanda Abner:; Rebecca Turner:
Programmatic Indiana Bat Conservation MOA.pdfProgrammatic Indiana Bat Conservation MOAEnvironmental
David Waldner:
Diverging Diamond Interchanges.pdfDiverging Diamond InterchangesGeneral
Smith Siromaskul
KYTC School Site Policy.pdfKYTC School Site PolicyGeneral
CAD-GIS Intergration.pdfCAD-GIS IntergrationPlanning
Jeremy Gould:; Henry Wells:
Making Counts Count.pdfMaking Counts CountPlanning
Daniel Hulker:
Every Day Counts In Professional Services.pdfEvery Day Counts In Professional ServicesProject Highlights
Michael Hill:, Eric Pelfrey:, Joe Plunk:
The Tennessee River Bridge Experience.pdfThe Tennessee River Bridge ExperienceProject Highlights
Jonathan Guess:
Partnering With Our Customers.pdfPartnering With Our CustomersQuality Assurance
Nancy Albright:; Rachel Mills:; Jon Canler:; Jeremiah Littleton:
Trends And Tools In Constructability Review.pdfTrends And Tools In Constructability ReviewQuality Assurance
Roy Sturgill; Emily Shocklee:
Acquisition And Relocation Of Storage Units.pdfAcquisition And Relocation Of Storage UnitsRight of Way and Design
Chad Curtsinger and Brett Thiess
R-W MARS Acquisitions.pdfR-W MARS AcquisitionsRight of Way and Design
Kelly Divine:
Easements  and Right of Ways.pdfEasements and Right of WaysRight of Way and Design
Leigh Karr
Right of Way Overview From Funding to Clearance.pdfRight of Way Overview From Funding to ClearanceRight of Way and Design
Tom Kerns; Brett Thiess
RW Legally Non-Compensable Items Appraisal.pdfRW Legally Non-Compensable Items AppraisalRight of Way and Design
Susan Chaplin:
Social Media for the I-75 Connector Project.pdfSocial Media for the I-75 Connector ProjectRight of Way and Design
Endeavoring To Improve.pdfEndeavoring To ImproveUtilities
Jennifer McCleve:
KYTC Utilities And Rails Manual.pdfKYTC Utilities And Rails ManualUtilities
Greg Smith:
Rail Safety And Coordination Issues.pdfRail Safety And Coordination IssuesUtilities
Allen Rust:
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