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01-16.pdf01-162/16/201602/25/2016FHWA Termination of Interim Approval for Use of Clearview Font
The Federal highway Administration has terminated interim approval for the use of Clearview font on highway signing.Effective January 25, 2016.
03-16.pdf03-163/8/201606/24/2016Standard Drawings 2016
The 2016 reprint of the KYTC Standard Drawings publishing and effective date.
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01-15.pdf01-158/28/201501/01/2016HD-100 & HD-200 Release
This memo publishes HD-100 and HD-200 of the Highway Design Manual. These chapters represent significant changes in the philosophy of how highway design projects are approached and how they are managed.
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Policy for Electronically Signed and Sealed Contract Plans (1-2014).pdfPolicy for Electronically Signed and Sealed Contract Plans (1-2014)10/8/201410/8/2014Policy for Electronically Signed and Sealed Contract Plans
This memo establishes a change in policy for the format of the "Final Contract Plans" PDF file.
02-14.pdf02-145/14/201405/14/2014Design Guidance for Proposed Shoulder Widths on New Construction and/or Reconstruction Projects
Clarifies how shoulder widths are to be determined and how the widths relate to guardrail placement
04-A13.pdf04-A131/10/201401/10/2014Reissuance of Design guidance for Shared Four-Lane (2+1) Highways
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05-13 Contact List.pdf05-13 Contact List5/7/201305/07/2013Division of Highway Design Drainage Branch District Assignments
List of Drainage Branch and Roadway Design Branch district assignments
03-13.pdf03-138/26/201308/26/2013Highway Design Manual Update HD-300, Surveying, and Survey Adjustment Factor
Updated chapter for guidance for Surveying (HD-300)
01-13PD.pdf01-13PD3/28/20133/28/2013Scope Verification Meetings
A Scope Verification Meeting will be conducted for all federal-aid projcts requiring a categorical Exclusion Level 3, EA/FONSI or EIS to document appropriate consideration of environmental impacts.
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Joint Design Memorandum No. 03 -12 and Traffic Operations Memorandum No. 01-12.pdfJoint Design Memorandum No. 03 -12 and Traffic Operations Memorandum No. 01-1210/31/201210/31/2012Requests for Electrical Devices and Plans on Highway Projects
KYTC proper procedure for handling requests for electrical devices and associated plans on highway projects.
Joint Traffic Operations, Maintenance, Design Memorandum 01-12.pdfJoint Traffic Operations, Maintenance, Design Memorandum 01-126/15/201206/15/2012Centerline Rumble Strips
Guidance on the application of centerline rumble strips.
Implementation of the 2011 Green Book and the 2011 Roadside Design Guide.pdfImplementation of the 2011 Green Book and the 2011 Roadside Design Guide5/3/20125/3/2012Implementation of the 2011 Green Bood and the 2011 Roadside Design Guide
The Federal Highway Administration advises that they are currentlly considering the newly published 2011 version of  "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets" and 2011 version of the "Roadside Design Guide"
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FONSI Expiration Dates.pdfFONSI Expiration Dates7/28/20117/28/2011FONSI Expiration Dates
Consultation between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)  and KYTC has resulted in a minor change in the term that a FONSI is considered current and valid.  Previously, A FONSI was considered valid, without reevaluation, for a period of one year from the time of document approval.  FHWA has agreed that a FONSI may now be considered valid for a period of two years from the date of approval.
Design 01-11.pdfDesign 01-112/28/201102/28/2011Drainage Manual DR-100 Introduction and DR-300 Drainage Folders
Effective with this memorandum the subject chapters listed above are released as office policy. The drafts of these documents as well as an update working table of contents can be found on the drainage website at This policy should be used for all projects that have not advanced past the preliminary folder stage.
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Design 06-10, Construction 10-10.pdfDesign 06-10, Construction 10-1011/5/201011/05/2010Changes in Guardrail End Treatments
Effective immediately, if Guardrail is being installed on a project, the inspector will need to first check that it is per the approved Standard Drawing, if not then check the Sepia Drawings on the above web link, if not there then check the approved list of guardrail end treatment shop drawings. If the guardrail end treatment in question does not meet any of these levels of approval (standards, sepias, of shop drawings) then it shall not be installed on the project. The inspector, through the Section Engineer, should not allow the Cabinet to be placed in the position of multiple installed end treatments of questionable value.
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