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02-15.pdf02-1511/13/201511/13/2015Value Engineering Analysis Requirements Update
This memo defines when a value engineering (VE) analysis or study is required.
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Pavement Rehab and Preventative Maintenance Projects.pdfPavement Rehab and Preventative Maintenance Projects12/4/201412/19/2014KYTC Policy for Federally Funded Pavement Rehab & Preventative Maintenance Projects
The following policy shall apply when the intent of the project is to perform rehabilitation or preventative maintenance rather than reconstruction for all federal-aid highway funded projects on the National Highway System (NHS)
03-14.pdf03-147/22/201410/24/2014Modified End Anchors for type 3 and Type 7 End Treatments and Seperate Guardrail Connector to Bridge End Type A and A-1 Drawings
This is a notification of the changes to the Type 3 and Type 7 End Treatments as well as the Guardrail Connector to Bridge End Type A and A-1 Standard Drawings.
01-14.pdf01-141/10/20143/28/2014Revision to Standard Drawing "Guardrail and Bridge End Drainage for Twin Structures" (RBB-002-08)
This is notification of a revised drawing that has been issued in lieu of RBB-002-08 Guardrail and Bridge End Drainage for Twin Structures
Roadway Design Branch Assignments Jan 2014.pdfRoadway Design Branch Assignments Jan 20141/7/201401/07/2014Roadway Design Branch District Assignments
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04-13.pdf04-138/27/201308/27/2013Design Guidance for Shared Four-Lane (2+1) Roadways
Guidance for design of four lane shared roadways
02-13.pdf02-135/7/20137/12/2013Notice of Amendments to KRS 367- Consumer Protection Act Underground Safety Damage Prevention
This memo details the procedure of underground prevention that benefits the public with protection of consumer services.
01-13.pdf01-132/19/201302/19/2013Value Engineering Analysis Requirements Update
Update of Value Engineering Analysis Requirements.
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Design Memo 02-12 Right of Way Monumentation for Local Projects.pdfDesign Memo 02-12 Right of Way Monumentation for Local Projects8/7/201208/07/2012Right-of-Way Monumentation for Local Projects
KYTC Guidelines for Right-of-Way Monumentation for local projects
Design 01-12.pdfDesign 01-123/22/201206/01/2012Standard Drawings 2012
The activation of the 2012 reprint of the KYTC Standard Drawings will coincide with the release of the 2012 Standard Specification book and take effect with the June 2012 Letting.
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Design 03-11.pdfDesign 03-1111/2/201111/2/2011Traffic Engineering Analysis
The attached Traffic Engineering Analysis document provides guidance for the Project Development Team (PDT) and design engineers on the use of traffic engineering principles and procedures when designing a
highway project. Effective with this memorandum, the attached guidance should be used when the PDT deems that their project warrants such traffic analysis. While these guidelines can be applied to any project, the PDT should utilize them when the project purpose and need statement identifies the need for operational and/or capacity improvements.
Design 02-11.pdfDesign 02-116/23/201106/23/2011Plan Note for Purchasing Rights of Way for Local Public Agencies
Effective with this memo, a note shall be placed on the Right of Way Summary Sheet that states that Rights of Way were purchased by the Cabinet for an LPA (county, city, etc.). A MicroStation cell has been created for the Designer to use as a basis for the note (see KYTC_Roadway.cel in the current CADD Standards deliverables, cell name NRWLPA). Design Consultants should download and run the CADD Standards executable on the Cabinet’s web page to get the new cell.
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Design, DEA 07-10.pdfDesign, DEA 07-1012/7/201012/07/2010Water Related Impacts Summary Update of DR-200 of Drainage Manual.
Effective with this memorandum the policy described above is superseded by the policy described herein. The two documents described above will be replaced by one living document entitled the “Water Related Impacts Summary.” Also effective with this memorandum is the release of an updated version of DR-202 of Drainage Manual.. A description of the Water Related Impacts Summary can be found in section DR 202-18 and a sample of the Water Related impacts Summary form is shown in exhibit Dr 200-3. Both of these documents can be found on the Drainage website at
Design 05-10.pdfDesign 05-108/17/201008/17/2010Value Engineering Study Requirements
The KYTC Value Engineering (VE) program was established in 1995 as an independent review process to examine potential ways to improve a project's design or reduce its cost.  A VE study may done for any project, but FWA regulations require that a VE study be conducted on highway projects over $45 million and bridge projects over $20 millon on the National Highway System.
Design 03-10.pdfDesign 03-107/20/201007/20/2010Design Guidance for Roundabout Intersections
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet continues to support the modern roundabout as a viable alternative for intersection design. To ensure successful operations, roundabouts must be placed at appropriate locations and be designed properly for the conditions. Effective with this memorandum.
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