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Scottsville Road-US 231- I-65 Interchange Study


The purpose of this study evaluate traffic operations and access management on either side of a proposed reconstructed interchange at I-65. The project goals are:

1. Establish a long term vision for traffic flow within this corridor

2. Identify implications of this vision as it relates to the interchange design project

3. Develop strategies to achieve the vision
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 Downloadable Resources

US-231 Appendix A.pdfUS-231 Appendix A
US_231 Interchange Study Report.pdfUS_231 Interchange Study Report
US-231 Interchange Study Report 3-5-07-jb.pdfUS-231 Interchange Study Report 3-5-07-jb
US-231 Alt_4_Interchange_PLT.pdfUS-231 Alt_4_Interchange_PLT
US-231 Alt_4_North_PLT.pdfUS-231 Alt_4_North_PLT
US-231 Alt_4_South_PLT.pdfUS-231 Alt_4_South_PLT
US-231 Spot and Segment Graphics.pdfUS-231 Spot and Segment Graphics
US-231 SpotSegment Graphics.pdfUS-231 SpotSegment Graphics
US-231 Alternatives.pdfUS-231 Alternatives
US-231 02_Alt_4_Interchange_PLT.pdfUS-231 02_Alt_4_Interchange_PLT
US-231 02_Alt_4_North_PLT.pdfUS-231 02_Alt_4_North_PLT
US-231 02_Alt_4_South_PLT.pdfUS-231 02_Alt_4_South_PLT
US-231 02_Alternatives.pdfUS-231 02_Alternatives
Scottsville Road-US 231- I-65 Interchange Study Complete.pdfScottsville Road-US 231- I-65 Interchange Study Complete
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