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KY 1554 DNA Study Daviess County


Data Needs Analysis of KY 1554 between Sorgho and the Audubon Parkway in Daviess County.  Completed in 2011.
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2-8632 Final DNA.pdf2-8632 Final DNA
appendix A_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix A_2-8632 Final DNA
appendix B_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix B_2-8632 Final DNA
appendix C_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix C_2-8632 Final DNA
appendix D_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix D_2-8632 Final DNA
appendix E_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix E_2-8632 Final DNA
appendix F_2-8632 Final DNA.pdfappendix F_2-8632 Final DNA
Report-8632 Final DNA.pdfReport-8632 Final DNA
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